The nice people at John Lewis are wanting to treat some of us bloggers to a little Christmas gift this year, so they have set up a ‘Bloggers Secret Santa’. So, on Monday, I will get an email telling me who my gift recipient will be, and I’ll have to look through their blog, get to know them and work out a suitable gift.

It’s all a bit scary really, buying a gift for someone I probably don’t know, and trying to get something they’ll definitely like. My gift buying prowess is pretty standard bloke stuff, I’ll see if there’s an Amazon Wishlist, look for the cheapest thing, and buy it!

I’ve only ever done Secret Santa once before, and that was at work – at least with that I knew the person, although they didn’t like the dildo!

I can’t even ask you guys for help as it might give the game away, I’ve got until Wednesday to try and pick something appropriate, and then on Friday 25th November we’ll all get our gifts and MY Secret Santa will be revealed.

If you’re reading this Secret Santa, get me something EXPENSIVE 😉 (and you know.. my Wish List is here)

Ooh, and the GORGEOUS John Lewis Christmas Advert for 2013 has launched today – check it out.


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