You might not know this, but your Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 do support Wireless Charging – the thing is – Samsung want you to buy their official accessories to get it working. With the official kit to activate the wireless charging on the Samsung Galaxy S4 you get a replacement back that has the charging coil in. It’s a bit rubbish for two reasons –

1 – It’s pricey
2 – It means that any cases / car chargers (like a Brodit one) will no longer fit.

You can use a slightly ‘hacky’ version that will activate the wireless charging AND allow you to keep your existing back. Step forward the Expower Qi Wireless Charger Wireless Charging Receiver For Samsung Galaxy S4



What it is, is a uber thin charging coil that hooks onto the wireless charging pins on your S4. Like so..



You then just clip your back cover back on, the wireless charging on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is sorted! Just pop the phone on any Qi standard Wireless Charger and you’ll get a message on your screen telling you the device is charging wirelessly!

You can get Wireless Charging on the Samsung Galaxy S3 just as easily by using this similar charging coil.

Wireless charging IS a little slower than standard mains charging, but I do like the convenience of popping the phone down and not even thinking about plugging it in! If you’re interested, I’m using a Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Pad to charge my phones. So there you have it – a cheap, and easy way to activate Wireless Charging on the Samsung Galaxy S4!

One thought on “Wireless Charging on the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 on the cheap – Quick Geek Hack

  1. Single Mother Ahoy! says:

    See, now this is a “geeky” post but it’s in English and I understood what it said! That never happens (anywhere else but here). I may well get myself one of those thingies!

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