I love Chelmsford, I really do. I’ve lived here, or nearby for my entire life. Last year, it became a City which instantly makes you think of a bustling place that never sleeps.

The thing is…

It’s not.

It dies on its arse when it gets past 11pm

I went out last night for a few pints, and even at this time of year, it’s a struggle to find places that are open past 11pm. We got some drinks in the Wetherspoons, which was okay, but then got overrun with excitable squeeeeeeeeelly teenager girls, and knobby over-groomed boys, we left for somewhere quieter. The Saracens Head was our next destination, it was really quiet, perfect for a chat! We got some drinks in, settled at a table and had a giggle. It was time for the next round, it was 11pm, they were closing. Brilliant. Thankfully we found salvation (and alcohol) in The Golden Fleece (which is open till 2am), the thing is there are hardly any bars in town with late night licences, a night out in Chelmsford gets pretty grim if you want a late one.

Getting around late at night is a pain, a lot of cities will have a night bus service, or some form of public transport, but if you’re wanting to get around Chelmsford much past 10pm, you’ll need to walk, or get a taxi. The former is a scary and horrible thing now that all the bloody street lights go out at 12am, like a wartime black out. Chelmsford is a commuter town (city), where you can get home from London at 1am, but HAVE to find some costly means of getting home because walking home in the pitch black is not nice at all.

Whilst Chelmsford is attracting new businesses to the area, with John Lewis coming, and a MASSIVE Waitrose in the pipeline, it’s all positive – BUT – if the infrastructure isn’t there to support later nights for the residents and visitors, it seems a bit daft being ‘A City’.

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