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I have a love/hate thing with Facebook, I generally cope with it, and I’m finding it a bit better to use now I’ve started to block any racist / homophobic / knobby ‘friends’.

But, there is one overriding issue with Facebook, it’s becoming flooded with Adverts, you can get games clogging your feed, and most annoyingly, it ALWAYS seems to forget you choosing to view your stream by ‘Most Recent’. You can fix Facebook and make it better, with the help of a FREE browser plug in, that strips out all the crap, and gives you a lot more control over WHAT you see.

It’s called ‘FB Purity


FB Purity has been around for a while, it’s really starting to come into its own in 2013, the developers are slowly refining it, and adding more features, the most interesting is the ability to see who’s ‘Unfriended’ you. You can also adjust the font sizes / colours too to make it more friendly on the eye. It’s a fabulous extension, and I’m amazed it’s free! There are so many options tucked away, you can make FB look exactly how you want.

There are a few issues, It doesn’t work with Internet Explorer. It runs well on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (which are browsers that you probably SHOULD be using!) Also, because Facebook is constantly changing sometimes it ‘breaks’ FB Purity, meaning the changes don’t always stick. Thankfully the developers are VERY quick off the mark and push out an update to make it work again. Aside from that it’s pretty much perfect, and does exactly what it says on the tin. If you use Facebook on your computer, it really is an essential bit of awesome – and it’s FREE!

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