I do something that not many of you know about, it’s a little bit niche, but I love doing it..


I’ve written before about Wafflepod, but I think when I wrote about it before, my involvement in it was fairly minimal, I might have ‘guested’ on a few back then. Well, I’ve managed to get myself a slot alongside Dan and Tasha, and we’ve made loads of them.

Dan (twonk), Tasha and Me the last time we recorded! :)
Dan (twonk), Tasha and Me the last time we recorded! 🙂

Wafflepod is as crude and dirty as podcasting can get, on many levels, it’s usually recorded, in a pub, by sticking an iPhone on the table, hitting record and talking to each other for 20 minutes. There’s no real planning, we just record and see what happens. We’ll usually do 2 or 3 in one go, and if we’re on the sauce, progressively getting drunker and darker in each episode. But, it’s all in good spirits, packed with swearing and banter, sometimes the episodes are brilliant, others not so. Dan then throws them up online, I get nerdy and add ‘cover art’ and a synopsis for the iTunes feed, and a new on goes out each Friday.

I love doing it, I really do, but it can be hard to get us all together, and we’ve not recorded one for months, and I miss it like mad. This post is a reminder to me to keep the Good Ship Wafflepod afloat and HOPEFULLY get some more recorded with Dan and Tash before Christmas. We’ve not really all had a good catch up in AGES so I think it will produce some good episodes.

Anyway, if you’ve got nothing better to do, take a listen to them on the website or get them on iTunes, as I say, some are amazing, some less so, but most of them (especially the ones with me on) are pretty decent. My personal favourites are Season 5, Ep 5, Ep 6 and Ep 7. Just remember they are NOT little ear friendly, unless you like your children to swear like sailors.

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