I LOVE Dyson, as a fellow Creative, I’ve got a lot of respect for James Dyson and his almost terminator-esque determination to get his vision realised and make vacuum cleaners better. This has snowballed into a MASSIVE company that is known throughout the world, and makes some of the most well designed and well built products money can buy.

Dyson haven’t really done much with Bloggers before, and the event on Monday was their first, we were invited to their PR Office in Kensington to get us up to speed with Dyson, where they started, where they are now, and where they are going. On show were some of their awesome Fans and Heaters, including the new AM05 which is both a fan AND a heater, there are no blades, they seem like witchcraft, it’s a fan and heater, but with no visible moving parts. We even had a look at some of their new hand drier tech, including a tap that also dries your hands – the AB09.

Tim from Dyson explains all about the power of the DC59
Tim from Dyson explains all about the power of the DC59

The focus of the event was their innovations in their Vacuum Cleaning, predominantly CORDLESS Vacuum Cleaning. I must admit, I’ve seen Dyson’s super lightweight handheld cleaners before, and been a bit ‘meh’ about them in, the batteries, on paper don’t seem to last long, and the waste container seems TINY. But after getting some hands on time with the brand new shiny Dyson DC59 Animal Digital Slim – I was wrong, very wrong.

The DC59 tucked up in the docking station
The TINY motor
The TINY motor

Dyson’s aim is for this to try and replace your normal vacuum, whether upright or cylinder, and after speaking to Tim from Dyson, it sort of make sense. The idea of cleaning with the DC59 is that you do it more ‘little and often’, rather than a massive clean, and I think it can work like that, it’s no bother to get out. Just pick up from the docking station, and you’re ready to go, the turbine head and suction power are IMMENSE, and match that of the bigger models. As them demo-ed it alongside the 4 main competitors, the Dyson literally wiped the floor with them. I couldn’t watch as they coloured in the carpet with chalk, but the Dyson pulled it all up.


We also got a sneaky look at a new product launching in January – the DC54 with Dyson Cinetic Technology, it is a first for Dyson as the filter will never need any maintenance. Due to the ‘Oscillating tips’ that are efficient at dust separation, I’ve no idea how the wizards at Malmesbury come up with all of this, but apparently there are over 500 designers working on crazy new stuff like this!

We were all given a DC59 to take home and try for ourselves, so I’ll give it a go over Christmas and report back – but initial results are WOW!

One thought on “Well.. Monday SUCKED – (AKA when I went to Dyson)

  1. Rob Peeples says:

    Hi Kip, hello from the U.S. Thank you for this posting. I’m an independent inventor who’s been following Sir James and his doings for many, many years. Can I ask you for a favor… are the cyclone [red] tips soft and pliable (if you were to pinch them, would they collapse easily)? Fine dust being pulled from the fine dust collector/s and then into the pre-filter and ultimately clogging the filter (when airflow is slowed or blocked) has IMO always been a weak link in cyclonic separation, and a big hassle for the consumer to clean too. Thanks.

    FYI, No pre-filter or HEPA filter to clog and clean is a HUGE advantage Dyson will enjoy over his competitors (they all have filters that clog and need cleaning).

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