Our house was built in the 1940’s. A lot of the original features, like fireplaces, original windows etc are gone. The previous owner was an old lady who lived here for many years, she sadly died, and the house was ‘modernised’. The walls covered in lining paper and painted magnolia, with cream carpets throughout. It has lost a little of its ‘soul’, but thankfully some of the original features like the pantry and panelled doors remain. If you go under the surface though – there are little ‘flashes’ of how the house use to look.

Today, I came across one of those flashes. We wanted a dimmer switch in J’s room, which involved me replacing the back box for a deeper one. When I took the old one off the wall I was confronted by this –


Underneath the ‘wood chip’ stuff that is there now, you’ve got an oldish floral type design (at the top), and then a 70’s ish looking on the right and bottom, then you’ve got a sort of pinky coloured paper (bottom left). I love seeing stuff like this, and wondering about the past of our house – have you ever found something like this?

3 thoughts on “What lies beneath..

  1. Hurri says:

    I recently discovered whoever put the carpets/lino down in my nan’s house used newspapers from 1964 as underlay. Presumably this means they were done in 1964. I think it also means it’s time for new carpets.

  2. Sam says:

    Yes, I have a wonky wall in my Victorian house and there is a sliver of old, very floral wallpaper there. This sort of thing fascinates me.

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