I was invited along today to the launch of the new product from those cheeky Scandinavians, the Stokke Steps – it’s an All-in-One seating system from Birth, and it’s pretty damn nifty too! I’m not REALLY a massive fan of their iconic ‘Stokke Tripp-Trapp’. They are hugely popular though, but I think the Stokke Steps is more up my street. It’s got more of a ‘Chair’ feel to it.


You take your ‘Stokke Steps’ with the Stokke Steps Bouncer. The Bouncer has a unique cradling movement that mimics the baby being cradled in a parent’s arms. It has adjustable seating positions, and folds flat. The folding mechanism makes it really flat for easy storage, it would definitely go nicely under our sofa!

Stokke Steps 130815-17

Then you can get the Stokke Steps Chair, and the Bouncer seat attaches to it, so baby can be involved with family mealtimes from the off!

The next stage is the addition of the Baby Set, the set turns the Chair into a fully functional highchair. The footrest and back are easily adjusted as your little one grows. You can also get cushions in a range of colours, and also – something that the Tripp Trapp lacks – Baby Set Tray!

Stokke Steps 130815-10

When your small one is not so small, you can use the Stokke Steps Chair on its own – the footrest offers support and also an easy way for your toddler to climb into the seat on their own. I loved the curve on the seat too, it’s almost like a mashup of a tub chair and highchair.

I REALLY do like the Stokke Steps Chair, this is something I definitely could see us using. J is desperate to sit at the table with us, but he’s just not quite big enough for our dining chairs yet!

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