You may have noticed..

I swear.

I swear a lot.

My mouth often winds me up in trouble, I once called the Chairman of a company (whose event I was attending) a C-Word, in his ear shot (he is one, to be fair). I am often conflicted with swearing on the blog, and on Tiwtter, and I HAVE tried to reign my language in a bit. It’s hard, because it’s part of how I talk, those who’ve had a conversation with me will hear me eff and jeff with every other word Those who know me, are use to it – those who don’t sometimes recoil in horror, and I mentally note to calm it down.

Obviously, I don’t swear around little ears – of course, sometimes it comes out, maybe if we’re driving and someone cuts me up, or if I slip and hurt myself whilst doing DIY. I’m certainly not one of those parents who shouts down the road –

“BEFFFFFANY, Get ‘eeeerrree NAAAAAAAW you little SHIT!”

G is 10, and obviously knows pretty much ALL the swearwords – not from me – you’d be daft if you thought a 10 year old has heard, or uttered a swearword. I’ll always remember when G was 5 and we’d stopped on the motorway, I was pulling into a space, and someone pinched it.. I was narked –

“Oh Fu….” I stopped, remembering she was behind me..

Then from the back – a tiny voice went

“Faaaaaaaaaaaaacking Hell”

It was so beautifully timed and in context too. I did have to tell her off, but I also wanted to high five her! I don’t mind if she knows swear words, I just don’t want to hear them from her mouth.

I’m a big fan of swearing, they are just words, and when used in context can be fabulous fun to play around with. I know what IS and isn’t acceptable, I wouldn’t call an old lady a cunt, or a baby a fuckwit, if it’s in context, I think it’s okay.

So.. do you think I should watch my language on here, and on Twitter, or should I just be.. Well, Me?

4 thoughts on “To Swear, or Not to Swear? – That is the question

  1. Alex says:

    I’m conflicted. On the one hand I’ve always thought swearing showed a limited vocabulary but on the other, it can be very funny if used in the proper context. I love Spencer’s creative use of compound swearwords a lot too.

    I find a lot of the time I’m asked to be on quiz teams is also spent coming up with backronyms for the team name- Accountants Requiring Special Education (ARSE), Civvies Ultimate Networked Team (CUNT), the list goes on and on…

  2. Tom @Ideas4Dads says:

    I agree swearing is a marvelous way to enhance language but not for tiny ears.

    Although I swear alot I made the decision not to swear on my blog, mainly so I could show my grandma, but also I didnt want the hassle of people moaning at me.

    I admire your stance at the end of the day your blog/twitter is yours and if people dont want to read it they dont have too.

    Fuck it I say and stick to what feels right for you!

  3. Jem says:

    I agree completely with swearing being just words, but am confused why you would think that but then tell your kid off for swearing. If they’re just words, and appropriate in certain circumstances, why make such a big deal about children using them? Especially as they will learn them one way or another and indeed go on to use them anyway, despite generations telling us how bad these words are.

    My children know I swear. My children could probably tell you a few swear words you’re not familiar with, but they also know that they shouldn’t swear in public because other people are offended by some of the those words and they definitely should swear AT people because it can hurt their feelings and isn’t nice.

    I feel teaching them [kids] the context and giving them the freedom to express themselves is just as important as respecting that other people may not like the words you’re using.

    And I’d totally call an old lady a cunt if she was acting like one.

  4. Marylin says:

    Fuddnugget is one of my faves to use when wanting to say something more sweary about someone in front of the kids… I think it might catch on? Also? fuck and cunt are my favourites, closely followed by shit and bugger. Just sayin!

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