That’s not a spelling mistake in the title, when G was tiny she called Monsters -‘Mossters’, it’s kinda stuck.

So J is heading on for 21 months, and he’s a giant amongst toddlers, he’s now well into all his 2-3 clothes (a bit *too* well into some of them), and well, he’s seemingly getting TALLER all the time. It’s incredible how quickly he’s growing. he’s a real little character, his tiny face expressing every emotion beautifully, he’s got his Mother’s frown that’s for sure!

His sleeping pattern is a little all over the place, it’s looking like he’s dropping his afternoon nap now, which is a bit of a shock to the system, I think it’s going to be more ‘as and when required’ than a daily occurrence now. It’s obviously difficult as WAHP (Work at home parents), because Nap Time was the holy grail each day, to power through several hours of work, I shall mourn the loss of it. Hopefully the lack of napping will balance out his sleeping at night – he’s been a bit crap at that recently – waking up for no real reason, at no particular time, usually half asleep and wanting to go back in his cot instantly.


His communication is getting there – his talking has really come on in the last month or so, he’s slowly forming more words, he’ll happily say his best friend’s name ‘Char-leeeee’ than ‘Mummy’ or ‘Daddy’ – he has shouted ‘DADDDDDDEEEEEHHHHH!’ at me when I’ve been ignoring him, which is uber cute. What he lacks in spoken communication, he seems to understand most things you tell him or ask him, it’s very cute when he’s dozing on your lap and you ask if he wants to go in his cot and it’s accompanied by the most pathetic nod you’ve ever seen! He’s also brilliant with drinks and things around the house, you can tell him if something is hot, he’ll put his hand near to feel the heat, pull a frown with an ‘oooh’ sound, and not go near it again!


He’s really into drawing now, constantly demanding ‘pehs’ from us, usually clutching a bit of paper in his hand to scribble on – it’s fine, but most surfaces seem to be target for his artistic skills, tables, walls, cushions, sofa, floor.. *sigh*.

I think the thing that really shocks me is his walking – at the weekend I took him to the park near our house, he walked there, across loads of fields, through the woods and almost home (he stopped just metres from the door and lifted his arms in defeat). He’s pretty well behaved with it too, mostly staying close and not going anywhere he shouldn’t. He does occasionally like to have a break and just sit down wherever, we’ve got him a waterproof suit thing which has been fab for the muddy ground and saved his clothes! (Loz has blogged about some of their walking adventures here)


So yes, all in all, he’s following in his big sister’s footsteps and shaping up to be quite the awesome little (or not!) one!


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