The WordPress default commenting system is a bit MEH – but it does the job.

Something I’ve noticed is a lot of people who comment don’t have their avatar set up, because, well, there’s no obvious way of doing it when commenting. But there is a really quick way of doing it so you can have a nice shiny avatar showing whenever you comment on WordPress blogs.

You need to do it on Gravatar



Click on the big ‘Create Your Own Gravatar’ button.

Creating a Gravatar makes a Account – so you just put in your details, your email addy, think of a username, and a password then hit ‘Sign Up’.

You’ll then get an email to confirm you want the account.



Hit the activate account button and sign in with your details, and then you’ll see something like this.



You can then Add your Avatar! Plus you can add additional email addresses to your account so when you put your email address with a comment on WordPress, it will automatically pull in your Avatar.

Cool eh?

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