I’ve dabbled with ‘keeping fit’ before – a few stints at local gyms, a dabble with ‘My Fitness Pal’, but that’s about it. I know I’m not very active at all, my job is mostly desk based, and the most physical exertion I seem to get is chasing J around. I think I need to do something, I can’t really afford a gym membership, and I lack in motivation to actually DRIVE to the gym. It was usually okay once I got there, but it’s just doing it in the first place.

Body issues aside, I think I need to be doing something to look after myself, my eating isn’t that bad, but my body isn’t doing much. So, after a bit of a muse, I’ve been considering taking up running.

I’ve noticed a fair few of my friends on Facebook are into running, I’ve watched a handful evolve from couch potatoes to marathon runners. That’s pretty bloody impressive. The general consensus seems to be start slowly, use a ‘Couch to 5k’ app, and go from there. So. I need to find some trainers that aren’t knackered, and well, sod it.. I’ll give it a go.

So. Do you have any tips, any decent apps to try? (Remember kids –  Android ones 🙂 )

If I do it.. I’ll keep you up to date of my progress on here.

5 thoughts on “Born to Run?

  1. Richard Hollis says:

    Top tip (because obviously I’m such a massive fitness freak!! But I do actually like running during my sporadic gym stints) is to set yourself goals. Sign up for runs so you’re always in training for something. Start with a 6k. It’s not that scary. It took me about 40 mins and I’m a shocking runner.

    Start on a treadmill – it’s easier to measure distance and time, to monitor your improvement (which is a great motivator). I usually can only run for 8 mins max when I first jump back on the wagon, but I can build that up to thirty or more within a few weeks. Just slowly increase the lengths of the run.

    Oh, and music! Absolutely essential. More than ten mins on a treadmill is LETHALLY boring without music. But with it I can cheerfully keep running right up until the heart attack.

  2. Ben Bailey says:

    There is a couch to 5k app on android that I am using. Starts off very slow with a mix of walking/jogging. And the main thing I found is a decent pair of running trainers are a must. Everyone has different shaped feet so its best to visit a running shop and take their advice. They will get you to run on their treadmill and watch how your feet land before advising on trainers.

  3. Alex says:

    Top tip: go to a specialist running shop and get your gait analysed. I’ve always had trouble running because I under pronate and get a lot of pain in my lower back when running as a result. I was sorted out by our local running shop with a pair of trainers designed to counter this, and it’s been much better ever since. You can read up on the science of it here: http://www.asics.co.uk/running-advice/preparation/understanding-pronation-find-the-right-shoes-for-you

  4. Tom @Ideas4Dads says:

    Good for you mate. Healthy body health mind and all that.

    Would recommend getting a gait analysis and some decent trainers. The gait analysis is free places like decathlon, upandrunning, virgin gym shops do them. It makes sure you buy the right type of trainer.

    Def start with a 5k. Check out http://www.parkrun.org.uk where you can do timed organised events for free

    Check out the lucozade training plan its great and i used it for all my races inc half marathon http://www.lucozadesport.com/running/5k-10k/

    The best way i found to get myself into was to sign up to a race and then raise money for charity that way i wpuldnt back out.

    Hope that helps and good luck 🙂

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