Amazon aren’t much liked at the moment, they evade their taxes and sell books that are fairly contentious. Generally if you want to buy something online, quickly and cheaply – Amazon are my first port of call. I’ve got Amazon Prime, which, for £50 a year gives you FREE unlimited next day delivery on anything marked with ‘Prime’, and it’s saved my arse on a number of occasions for last minute gifts. Also if anything ISN’T delivered in time, a quick message to customer services, and they’ll give you a month free added on to the end of your subscription (I got 8 months free last year!!).

Anyway, I do kinda like Amazon. As well as having good prices and fast delivery, their returns and customer service are AMAZING. Our Graco Mosaic that broke after 9 months of use was turned around and refunded no questions asked.


Today when making a cheeky coffee with the Tassimo, I decided to restock our cupboard with some more of the Costa Caramel Latte Pods that Loz likes, I’d recently ordered 40 of them (5 boxes of 8 drinks) and on opening box number 2 I was confronted with a load of coffee EVERYWHERE. I gave Amazon a quick call on their free customer services number (0800 496 1081) and explained the issue. The guy was lovely, he tried to be very sincere –

“I understand what great upset and frustration that the damaged chocolate drink will have caused to you and your family, I’m very upset too!”

Bless, it was only a dodgy pod or two, and I wasn’t even angry.

With a few clicks on his keyboard he explained a replacement was on its way and would be sent via their express before 1pm service, I assumed he meant that I’d get a replacement pack – not so – I’d get another BOX, another 40 Drinks! Amazon don’t accept returns on ‘Food’ items and therefore will just replace them. I thanked him very much, but – it didn’t stop there – he was emailing me a £5 Amazon Gift Card too! WTH? I’d understand if I was stressing or getting cross, but I was cool like the Fonz!

What fabulous customer service!

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