It’s felt like ages, and indeed has been a while since my two kids have spent any amount of time together. Thankfully yesterday they managed to have a day together, and I managed to squeeze in a bit of ‘Daddy / Daughter’ time too which has been a bit or a rarity of late.

We went into town and ran a few errands, we also had the obligatory stop to Starbucks in High Chelmer for a cheeky drink and chocolate coin – it’s actually where I captured yesterday’s ‘Silent Sunday‘ image.



J was rocking his official Suzuki jacket that Loz picked up for a couple of quid at a charity shop, he looks extra cute in it, and got more than the normal amount of ‘Awwww’s’ as he toddled around the town. Georgia is growing fast, she’s developing quite a good sense of style too, I can’t believe she’ll be 11 in a matter of months! We came home and G and I wandered round the shops to try and get something a little bit more interesting for lunch, we selected a few bits and pieces to pick at for a little ‘Indoor Picnic’.


J’s nap time provided a good opportunity for G and I to have a little bit of time on our own together. After batting around the idea of swimming or ice skating, we finally landed on Bowling. Chelmsford has a bowling alley ‘Tenpin’ that’s been there since I was little, it’s had a few refurbs and is looking a bit tired around the edges, but it’s not a bad little place to go to kill some time. Was slightly gobsmacked it cost over £12 for one game for me and G! Still – we had a fabulous time, G’s bowling skills are, erm – well “Lob it and hope for the best” it did seem to work, she beat me by 5 points! I was a little mortified being beaten by a 10 year old, she LOVED it though!

Tenpin Chelmsford
Tenpin Chelmsford




Our game was over quite quickly and G begged for another go, normally I have a ‘one game is enough’ rule for bowling but I thought after being out of the house for twenty minutes, it was probably sensible to have one more go. I wanted to win a game! G was starting to get very competitive, the first few frames she thrashed me and taunted me with ‘LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER!!’ and ‘You’re going down in China Town!!’. I don’t really like losing, so I decided on ‘No more Mr Nice Daddy’ and upped my game. My upped game just about kept me up with G, until finally I managed to beat her. She was admittedly a bit gutted I’d beaten her, and I did feel a bit mean but ‘Meh!’

When we got home J’s nap was over and my time with G was running out, we decided to go for a little stomp around the woods near our house, both of them seem to enjoy just stomping in the leaves, picking up sticks and trying to spot the squirrels.

It was with heavy heart I had to walk back from the woods, we only had 30 minutes or so before G returned to her Mum’s, it’s made worse now that J hates saying goodbye to anyone, most of all his sister. It broke my heart when I got home after dropping G off and he came flying to the front door, trying to look for her and looked mortified she wasn’t behind me. I suppose it’s best to make the most of the time they DO have, and not feel sad about the time they don’t have, it’s never easy saying goodbye to her though.

One thought on “My not so Silent Sunday

  1. Ideas4Dads says:

    Bet yove gone back to work for a rest today 🙂

    Feel for you when G has to leave but like you say you have to focus on what you have and the time you have not what might be

    I am terrible for not appreciating the good things i have until they have gone.

    I know its a bit different but a good mate of mine has just moved away and I am really missing him and regret not doing more when he was here..

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