I’m a firm believer in blogging with honesty – it sometimes (often) makes those around me cringe – but I don’t like to be all rainbows and buttercups when I’m not feeling that way. Right now – I’m not.

I’m not depressed. I’ve been depressed before, and well, in my mind, this isn’t it. I’m down, and I do struggle at times, but it’s not the all consuming ‘black dog’ that plagued my mind those years ago. In the past few weeks there have been a collection of incidents in and around my life that have been at best a ‘challenge’ and at worst, well soul destroying. I can’t / won’t go into them, but yeah it’s been crap.

I do think some things are improving, and I’m working through them, others are looming like a massive ‘to-do’ list. I think everything will be dealt with in time, perhaps not in the order I’d like, but I’m sure it will be okay (it will, won’t it?!) I’ve tried to take some time out from it all, step back a bit from Twitter and Facebook, and here for a few days. Whilst a break is good, it’s essentially just procrastination, and well – that’s not great either.

I hate being quiet, I hate being silent, but also I just don’t really have the words, it’s like one of those dreams where you go to speak and your body can’t, I feel like that a lot. It’s making me withdraw too, I’m not really doing the blogging events as much, I don’t really feel like polite chatter or pretending to be excited over something I’m not really bothered about. I’m just kind of treading water. I am slowly trying to get back in touch with my friends because I’ve left them behind a bit lately too.

There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes that light brighter and harder than it has done for a long while, other times, it’s a dim flicker, it’s there though and it keeps me smiling.

Anyway – in an effort to try and kick my blogging arse back into touch, I want to hand my next few blog posts over to you, so below, drop me a question in the comments, and I will answer with blogging honesty. Nothing too personal, obscure or BORING, but I will do my best and make a post or two with them all in and answer them as extensively as I can, aside from that – no rules!

This is either going to brilliant or terrible. It’s up to you!

7 thoughts on “Blog with Honesty – Here goes.. (HELP ME!!)

  1. urbanvox says:

    Gonna sound cliche… But I know just how you feel… And yeah… it’s hard to explain… but know one thing… the end of the tunnel is a lot closer than you think… breath in deep… get some sun glasses on… keep going! 😉
    As for the question….

    If you could have one superhero power… what would it be? and what would you do with it? 😉

  2. Ideas4Dads says:

    Sorry to hear youre going through a bad patch. Although it wont seem like it, it will pass.

    Just take things one day at a time.

    You can only change things today. Yesterday has already happened and tomorrow is just speculation.

    Positive action, which it sounds like you are taking steps to do, will win the day 🙂

    Re post ideas…would love to hear your thoughts on whether you would prefer to lick mayonnaise out of a fat and sweaty 60yo’s armpit or doggy style Susan Boyle bareback (but there would be a mirror in front of you so you get to see her Cum face)

  3. tiasmum12 says:

    Sorry to see it’s all a bit “Meh” at the moment. I’ve not long gotten out of a spell like this myself. Again like you, I knew it wasn’t depression, still rubbish though! Questions? Hmmm
    Do you want anymore children?

  4. Carly Markham says:

    This post made me feel sad as I sometimes forget men can get these feelings too! I went through Similar a few weeks back and totally avoided my blog and my blogging friends who I usually tell everything too! A bit of time did me lots of good though and I’m trying to play catch up now! Hope you feel better soon the blogosphere would be boring without you though.

    I’d love to know what the number one thing you love and the number one thing you hate about blogging are?

  5. kykaree says:

    Do you think there should be an alternative to the feminist movement? #morepenis
    What are your priorities in raising a young boy?
    What are you 5 favourite toys from your childhood and how does that compare to your kids favourites?
    If you could travel to 5 places in the world where would you go?
    The old ten famous people at a dinner party chestnut, who would you invite and why?
    What’s the worst holiday you’ve ever been on?
    A post about your two favourite bloggers to have ‘coffee’ with

  6. Alex says:


    1) if you could make one world wide celeb smaller than you, who would it be?
    2) if you were doing a cheese and beer evening, which cheese would get left?

  7. Confessions Of A SAHM says:

    Totally relate to this post. Been feeling very similar lately – stuck in a rut springs to mind for me!

    I want to know – If you could do something crazy, anything, what would it be?
    What would your ideal day be like?

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