I have two phone contracts, one personal, which is with Three – the other is on Vodafone. It’s handy having two different networks at my disposal, if I’m lacking in signal with one, the other is there to back me up.

For three weeks now, my Vodafone service in Chelmsford CM1 (which is the bulk of Chelmsford I’m around in) has been appalling, flipping from no service, to calls / texts only, perhaps a GPRS and EDGE signal, and sometimes a vague H. The thing is it’s not consistent service, it’s all over the place, just now as I’m writing this I’m watching my phone have an internal struggle trying to decide what’s going on. Obviously once i’m out of CM1, it’s all pretty much standard Voda service.

I tweet Vodafone last week to ask for advice, and was rather curtly pointed at this thread on their forums. Acknowledging there are ‘performance issues’ in the area, but there is no actual resolution date available. The post is dated the 10th, but judging from the experinces of my Facebook friends and my own, it’s been buggered for longer than that.

The story has been picked up by our local paper too. It’s slightly depressing that Vodafone’s reaction is largely ‘yeah, we know, we’re looking at it’. Surely they need to be more proactive, update the network issue page, or perhaps offer their ‘Sure Signal’ device to customers that are struggling? Heck even a bill credit for those in CM1 would be helpful!

Anyone else in Chelmsford suffering with similar issues?

2 thoughts on “Vodafone in Chelmsford CM1 – Sort it out!

  1. EssexBantam says:

    And to add insult to injury they emailed me earlier in the week to say 4G is now live in “my area” (CM1). Not only is that untrue, they can’t even get the existing service stable.

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