Apologies for the silence – it’s been a bit (lot) of a challenging time, but I think there is light at the end of the tunnel.

*Cut a Family Guy cutscene of the light disappearing from the end of the tunnel*

I think I’ve lost my blogging mojo slightly – I’ve not really been up to much that’s worthy of writing, and well, sometimes it all feels a bit pointless. I love my blog, I really do, it’s a beautiful reflection of me, there are some funny bits, some sad bits, some cringeworthy bits, flashes of brilliance and ultimately a lot of rubbish. So yeah – a bit like me 🙂

I think my mojo is lost slightly by trying to look more around the bloggersphere trying to see what my peers are up to, and well it’s a depressing state. It’s The MADS voting season which has bought out a plethora of blogging arse licking on Twitter – ‘Oh you’re the best’ ‘No, YOU’RE the best’ ‘I wish I was as amazing as you are’ etc.. *Gags on fingers*. Along with a selection of begging blog posts and emotional blackmail from all corners. Surely the idea is, if you’re good, people will vote? A badge or a button is helpful, but 500 words on why you’re worthy of an award, or some hacked together picture of your child holding a bit of paper saying ‘Vote for Mummy’ is just. Eurgh.

Don’t get me started on the amount of the ‘Tots 100’ Blogs that are essentially just a stream of reviews for some old shit that a PR company is hawking to any blogger dumb enough to write a 100 word review… But anyway, I digress (and I’ve covered that)

If you want to see some good blogs, there are a handful on my #morepenis campaign page, they are admittedly written by chaps, and none (I don’t think) have resorted to emotional blackmail (I say that, Daddacool probably has). So, big up the Penis!

So for now, I shall sit back in the shadows frowning and moaning, and await some shiny new mojo to be delivered.

11 thoughts on “The Absence

  1. Circus Mum says:

    I love that you still put a link to the Mads voting, I’ll vote for you and act as your campaign manager (for free as it’s not like I’m a professional or anything..) If you promise to be as honest and thoroughly amusing in your acceptance speech. Cos you’d so win.
    I don’t partake in the whole ‘vote for me’ thing either… which is probably why I’ve never been nominated to tell you the truth! Hmmm….

    • Kip Hakes says:

      Haha. That’s at the bottom of each post, I don’t expect to get anywhere. But, if I win.. Then I imagine after a belly of wine it’ll be a speech to remember

  2. Penny (@lilliesandlove) says:

    Quite a few of us bloggers seem to be having a “why do we bother” patch at the moment. Sometimes a little break and a breath of fresh air is all it takes – I’m just trying to work through my little ‘crises’!

  3. WallyMummy says:

    Ha! I’m crying with laughter again Hakes! Get that mojo of yours sorted coz you’re the best. (No, you’re the best) No. YOU’RE the best. (NO. YOU”RE THE FUCKING BEST). YOU’RE THE BEST YOU C@&T. 🙂

    See you at the MADS. (coz you’re the best) x

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