I do try and keep a diary of J’s progress through life, it started out with my posts on Emma’s Diary before and after J was born, but after they asked me to leave, I thought I’d continue as it’s good to have a record!

So, in a week and a bit J will be 23 months old, he’s progressing really well, and is actually quite a delight to be around. I’ve spent the morning with just him and me today, and it’s incredible just how quickly he’s growing up. His vocabulary is growing now and  he’s quickly learning new words and putting together small sentences. He’s got quite an adorable little voice with a strange Essex / Northern twang.


He’s very head strong and knows what he wants, he’ll often take you by the hand and drag you over to what his heart desires, this morning he led me to the Pantry.. He knocked on the door and said –

“ELLLLO!! Wan Nom-Noms!”

then later to the cupboard where his cups are kept..

“Deuce! Deuce!”

Whenever you get it right he’ll do a little ‘happy dance’ and shout “YEAH YEAH YEAH!!”

His headstrong nature is fun, but also bloody annoying at times, if he doesn’t get his own way they’ll be tears, screaming, and perhaps the odd tantrum on the floor. I’d forgotten just how LOUD little ones can be, his screams are so loud they make my eardrums distort, it’s like being at the world’s shittest concert.

His sleeping has been a bit of a mixed bag, he does generally sleep through but there do seem to be be odd periods where he’ll go a couple of nights in a row waking up and demanding cuddles and sometimes milk. It’s no bother these days, he’ll quickly just want to go back into his cot, I’m a bit sad he no longer needs cuddling to sleep, I miss those moments. It’s always nice when he’s REALLY tired and dozes off before he’s in his cot, I get to steal a few minutes with him then!


He is obsessed with cars, trains, and tractors now, or cars, choo-choos and ‘actors in J speak. When we walk anywhere locally with him it takes an age as he has to stop and appreciate every single car we walk past..

“A CAR!!!!!”

“Yes, it’s a red car” (J runs off to the next car..)

“A CAR!!!!!” (and repeat)

He is tending to want to walk more and more, and I like to encourage it, sometimes he’ll give up and throw his hands up to be carried, he’s about 2 stone now so lugging him around for any length of time can be painful! With the speed he’s growing it’s only going to get worse!


I’m loving his independent streak too, he’s not constantly pandering for attention, he likes his own company too. He’ll spend an age quietly lining up his cars with such precision and care. Thankfully now that the weather has improved he LOVES being out in the  garden, not really doing much, scrabbling around with his cars on the floor, chatting to himself, and occasionally tormenting the cat. The problem is when it’s time to come in – my goodness – I’ve had to drag him in kicking and screaming, he really does like his pottering time in the garden!

I can’t believe we’ll be into the ‘terrible twos’ soon.. He’s such a placid and charming little chap, he won’t be terrible… WILL HE?!

*Worried Look*

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