You might not of heard of Limmy before, he’s a fabulous comedian who has recently been introduced to a wider audience after being featured regularly on Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe. Watching his Twitter feed is a pretty surreal experience at the best of times, as are his infamous Vine videos, but he’s a very funny guy, not to mention talented as well because he’s developed a wickedly simple and addictive game called Jumping.


Jumping is a 2D/3D side scrolling game where the jumping man moves at a constant speed and all you have to do is make him jump by tapping the screen, moving him from platform to platform and avoiding falling into oblivion. It’s a really simple premise, but it does require excellent timing, spacial awareness and lightning reflexes. It feels much more satisfying to look at and play than the now dead Flappy Bird. It’s certainly got that frustrating ‘just one more go’ factor, when you plummet you start all over again, which, once you’ve got far is pretty bloody annoying.

Unlike Flappy Bird, there’s no scoring, your distance isn’t logged at all, but apparently there is ‘an end’ with a special prize, although I’ve not got close! It’s bloody annoying getting really far and then having to start ALL over, but after you’ve realised you’re getting cross over something so daft, you instantly fancy another go.


The little messages that pop up on the screen to advise, mock and encourage you as you play make me smile too, the game is very ‘Limmy’! It’s got a simple looped electronic soundtrack that will probably drive you insane if you listen too long. It’s so simple pretty much anyone can play it, but it’ll take a pro a while to crack it!

I’d love to see some kind of competitive additions to the game – ‘a distance run’ scoreboard perhaps? Although when you start bolting on little extras like that, it loses a little bit of the simple charm. I’d definitely pay for an ad-free version of it. I can see this being a game that’ll stay on my phone, it’s great for passing a bit of time, and once you’re bored, close it, and come back again and tackle it another day.

The only negative is that it’s currently only available on Android from the Play Store, it’s not out for iPhone. You can also check out some of Limmy’s other apps here (most of them aren’t for the feint hearted!)

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