Anyone who reads this blog regular will know that I’m a bit (a lot) of a Theme Park nut, I could bore anyone to tears with my nerdy knowledge of all things ride related. I’m trying to share my enthusiasm with G + J, G is slowly becoming the adrenaline junkie I was at her age, and J, well, he’s fast approaching the big TW-O and I want him to have a similar passion. I was over the moon when we got an VIP (Very Important Pirate?) invite to take a look at the all new Pirate Shores at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort in April, I can’t wait to take them there and have an explore!

For those of you who have been to LEGOLAND Windsor Resort will know that there is already a Pirate themed area there -‘Pirates Landing’, this has been revamped and made ‘ship shape’ and turned into the new Pirate Shores. It features a brand new play area called Castaway Camp with a massive forgotten fortress and fearsome battleships children can act out pirate legends on the high ropes, nets and slides and defend their shipmates from invading enemies.

The existing Log Flume is now the Pirate Falls Treasure Quest with over 100 new LEGO models around the ride, you set sail through choppy crocodile infested waters, dodging mischievous monkeys and even witnessing a full scale sea battle with duelling pirates and firing canon. Your boat then takes the final climb to the pirate’s Treetop Lookout before plummeting towards an adrenaline fuelled finale! Sounds fun!

Of course, Pirate Shores at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort wouldn’t be complete without a Pirate Ship – The Jolly Rocker Pirate Ship no-less! I’ve a sneaky feeling it’ll just be me on this – G REALLY hates Pirate Ships! They’ve also added a new Pirate Shores Burger Kitchen restaurant which promises to serve the whole family ‘flame grilled pirate favourites’. Also worth noting is if you’re got a Merlin Annual Pass you get 20% off Food and Drink at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort (plus 10% off shopping too!).

LEGOLAND_Parrot in Residence auditions07

Also throughout the Easter Holidays there will be a ‘Parrot in Residence’ in Pirate Shores at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. After beating off competition from three other Parrots – Charlie the Macaw was chosen for the role. A born buccaneering double-bluffer, Charlie can roll over and play dead at the blink of an eye – perfect for fooling the enemy in battle. She also made her way across a sea of LEGO, hunting for buried treasure. How awesome is that?

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