Being a teenager boy is a very confusing time, lots of shiny new hormones charging through your body, and also the desire to wank a bit (A LOT!!).

Even the most inane things can set off a randy teenage boy into a jism frenzy, stuff that isn’t even remotely attractive takes on a new, sexual edge. Even before you learn about grown up things like a shower stroker or fleshlight – literally anything will get you going. It’s all perfectly normal, but unfortunately for me I once made a slight error of judgement that is now part of ‘Kip’ folklore and will to this day gets me teased and laughed at by my friends. So – with some Blogging Honesty, I thought I’d share.

So – It’s 1997 and I’m 16, a new Pop sensation hit the scene by the name of ‘Hanson’, they came from no-where and erupted onto all the TV stations. I first caught their music video for ‘HmmmBop’ one Saturday morning. There were three long haired members, the youngest and oldest were boys, but the middle one was DEFINITELY a girl, long hair, high voice, yep, an attractive-ish young lady similar to my age, charging around in a wetsuit. Nice.

So, feeling a little horny, I did what I’d done 100 times before, and well.. You know.

Then – I don’t know what it was, but it suddenly clicked.


I was mortified.. I’d just shot my load over thoughts of a BOY. Which for a straight teenage boy, is a TERRIFYING thing to do! Did that make me GAY? Of course it didn’t – it just made me a pretty regular teenage boy who would probably wank over a rotting hedgehog if in the right frame of mind (DEFINITELY never did that!!!)

My fears were realised when I flicked over to Going Live (or Live and Kicking – whatever) and they were ON THERE, the three Hanson BROTHERS. Urgh, what a – well – WANKER! In my defence the middle one was vaguely girly (ish!) in that video at least, wasn’t she? HE – I meant HE!

Damn my testosterone drunk teenage mind!

So.. Anyone else got any similar experiences they’d like to share with the group… ANYONE?!? *tumbleweed*

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