So in an attempt to get my blogging MoJo back – I asked you guys to put some questions to me – I’ve not answered them all, I’ll save some for another day and if you want me to answer any others – stick them in the comments below. Anyway here we go –

“If you could have one superhero power… what would it be? and what would you do with it?” – Yuri from UrbanVox
Hmm that’s a good question, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t like a superhero power persay, I’d fricking love an Iron Man suit though. What would I do? I’d fly around generally being a smug bastard, perhaps I’d help people. Although I wouldn’t like to get the shiny suit scratched.

“What’s your all time favourite movie and why?” – Donna from RedHeadBabyLed
Ooooh so, so difficult I LOVE films so much, I think probably my favourite is The Exorcist, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it, and the slightly different edits and versions of it. It’s a brilliantly atmospheric movie, and it’s aged relatively well. It’s beautifully crafted, not always easy to watch, but it’s such a perfect horror film to me. Love it.

Mai Favourite!
Mai Favourite!

“Where do you see yourself this time next year?” – Donna from RedHeadBabyLed
Well, I honestly don’t know, I’m not much of a planner, I like to have the next few months roughly mapped in my mind but a YEAR? It’s difficult, I try not to plan too far ahead, life is a wonderful, gorgeous journey – and like all journeys – you never know what’s around the corner. I try to remember that each day could be my last and not worry too much about how things will be next year. I’ve got lots of work coming in, and some interesting projects on the horizon, so who knows. It’ll be fun finding out though!

“would love to hear your thoughts on whether you would prefer to lick mayonnaise out of a fat and sweaty 60yo’s armpit or doggy style Susan Boyle bareback (but there would be a mirror in front of you so you get to see her Cum face)” – Tom from Ideas 4 Dads
What the fuck is wrong with you?!

“Do you want anymore children?” – Kelly from Tiasmum 12
Well, I’ve always wanted a lot of kids, I used to babysit when I was a teenager and really love being a Dad. I think though for a few reasons it’s unlikely I’ll have more.

“I’d love to know what the number one thing you love and the number one thing you hate about blogging are??” – Carly from Mummy and the Chunks
It’s actually the same thing for both. The Community. The reason I love it is because blogging has allowed me to meet and get to know as massive range of bloggers within the community. These random people who write their thoughts down have turned out to be an awesome collection of friends and associates. Some of which I can see me being friends with for many years to come! There are so many kind, generous and helpful people out there.

For the bad reasons, well, as with any community, there are plenty of knobs. They tend to be the ones with a massive ‘following’ of people, who don’t actually really blog anything about themselves and it’s just a stream of mindless reviews and sponsored bollocks. Blogging isn’t about rising to the top of the Tots, it’s about writing decent content, so many brilliant writers get swayed by money and free stuff to just churn out shit. It’s a shame.

“Do you think there should be an alternative to the feminist movement? #morepenis?” – Kylie from Not Even a Bag of Sugar
It’s interesting actually that throughout the internet and indeed real life is a very ‘man’ dominated world still and I applaud the feminist movement for kicking these outdated views into touch. The bizarre thing is, the parent blogging world is the complete opposite, and this is why I’m bigging up my #morepenis campaign and trying to let the voice of the Dads be heard. So many press releases I get are skewed towards Mums and ‘Mums trust our brand..’ etc etc, I’ve even known of a few ‘Mum Only’ PR events which is UTTERLY ridiculous. So yes, I’d like to raise the awareness of #morepenis in the Blogging world!

“If you could travel to 5 places in the world where would you go?” – Kylie from Not Even a Bag of Sugar
I’m not really all that well travelled really, I’d love to go back to New Zealand (where you’re from Kylie). I went there about 12 years ago and I love how wonderfully chilled out it was – Auckland was fantastic. I want to see America, Las Vegas, California, New York are definitely on the list. I went for a work trip to Cologne and didn’t see much of it, I’d love to go back there and brush up my German!

Me in Cologne in 2006.
Me in Cologne in 2006.

“What’s the worst holiday you’ve ever been on?” – Kylie from Not Even a Bag of Sugar
You know, I don’t think I’ve been on a bad holiday – I used to get a bit bored on our holidays to the Lake District when I was younger. Mum, Dad and my sister loved walking up the fells and through the forests, I just wanted to sit inside and sulk, I didn’t have a bad time per say, it just wasn’t my thing. We had a bit of a terrible day trip to France when I was little, I don’t remember much about it about from a very angry waiter who spent about 20 mins to give us a menu and then even longer to take the order. It got to the point where we walked out!

A young Kip mowing the lawn on one of our Lake District Holidays
A young Kip mowing the lawn on one of our Lake District Holidays

“A post about your two favourite bloggers to have ‘coffee’ with?” – Kylie from Not Even a Bag of Sugar
Haha – well of course if I had to have ‘coffee’ with two favourite bloggers, it would have to be you, Kylie and our partner in ‘coffee’ crime Michelle. Next time we’ll get ‘whole evening’ permission slips signed! Actually – this gives me an idea for a BIGGER post!

“If you were doing a cheese and beer evening, which cheese would get left?” – Alex from Daddacool
OOoh that’s pretty easy, I dislike and any kind of veiny / blue / and or stinky cheese – eurgh just the thought of it makes my stomach turn.

“What would your ideal day be like?” – Rachel from Confessions of a SAHM
Well – I’d like to start the day with a decent cooked breakfast, a cheeky croissant or two and make my way to either Alton Towers or Thorpe Park (probably Alton Towers). Just generally have a leisurely stroll round with my friends, a little lunch with a cheeky pint and more rides and giggles in the afternoon. Then somehow for the evening we’d be back in London for a massive dinner at decent restaurant and a few beers and cocktails at a nice quiet bar. Then off to bed in a posh hotel for a nice long snoooooooze. I’ve got relatively simple tastes!


3 thoughts on “I want to be Iron Man and what I hate about Bloggers..

  1. Laura says:

    Daytrip to france- I think I was 7, so you must have been about 6. I think the smell in the restaurant was making me feel sick and that’s why we left. To me it smelt of sick, but on reflection I think it was parmesan cheese that I could smell. I also clocked sight of a guy on the next table ‘eating a plate of worms’. Although it was probably a spag bowl or something.

  2. Ideas4Dads says:

    Glad to see youve got your mojo back and that at least my question elicited a good old f bomb 🙂 – as for whats wrong with me where do I start 😉

  3. Carly Markham says:

    Love your answer I can’t disagree at all! I love all the friends I’ve made through blogging but there are many who seem to be so cliquey and have thousands of followers and are top of the list for everything. I can’t say much about mindless reviews though my blog has been a load of drivel since around Christmas lol am trying to get my love of it back!

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