I wrote last week about my desire to scan my Grandma’s extensive photo collection, to hopefully give our whole family a lasting archive of her work. The scanner I chose from Amazon (Epson Perfection V550) has arrived, and it’s a big old beast. The results are pretty impressive though, I pulled this photo out from my memory box and gave it a whirl, I’ve not touched it up with Photoshop.


The most impressive thing about the Epson Perfection V550 is the fact it can scan Negatives and Slides, I did notice Grandma did have some negatives knocking around, so having this function will be handy. I knew I had some negatives sitting in my memory box, they’d not been looked after at all and I was expecting them to look a mess. I loaded them into the Epson Perfection V550’s holder and expected the worst.

I was wrong – they looked FAB! I *love* this picture of my sister.


It needs some Photoshopping, but considering the age and state of the negatives, I’m gobsmacked, below are a few photos from the same strip, probably taken when I was 2ish. All untouched and as the scanner reproduced them, I’m over the moon..

I just need to get myself a longer USB cable and get the settings just right, and then it’ll be time to start the massive task of scanning Grandma’s collection!

One thought on “The Negative Photo Album by the Epson Perfection V550

  1. Lucy says:

    This is a great idea, I have so many negatives that I am not even sure what’s on them. good luck with the long task of scanning, I am sure it will be worth it in the end and photoshop has produced some amazing results with some of my old photo’s, I even managed to give my dad one of his teeth back!

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