We were recently sent some Pumpkin Patch clothes for J to try from the lovely folk at Kiddicare and we wanted to give the clothes the full “J” experience before writing about them.

The shoes we were sent have come in really handy as he’s just gone into a size 7.  The slip-on pair (the light blue coloured ones with the holes) come up a little big just yet so we’re waiting for the summer to see how he goes.  The other pair have two velcro straps which secure the width of the foot.  J is a 7G in Clarks shoes and these trainers seem like they would be a better fit for a slightly wider-fitting foot.  J loves the velcro strap pair and they go really well with a variety of his clothes.  I do like the denim-style as they’re different to the normal leather trainer we usually buy.

J wore one of the shirts for his birthday and here he is modelling it, looking longingly into the pond, wishing he could get hold of the frog that lives in there.  He’s also sporting the denim style shoes, proving he does wear them outside of writing a post about them!

Both tops we were given are 100% cotton and easy to iron (if you want to).  The shorts have yet to be properly road tested, but the denim pair have seen use once when the sun shone for a day a few weeks ago. I’m so pleased they fit him (size 2-3 years) as the previous summer he really struggled to wear clothes meant for his age as they were all so big round the waist.  He seems to have porked out a little bit (to an average size!) so they fit really nicely.  The other shorts have adjustable waists so you can alter them if you need to and are 100% cotton (machine wash at 40 degrees).  Both pairs of shorts feature deep “leg” pockets as well as side and back pockets – to store all those important bits of twigs, small stones and toy cars that fuck up your washing machine 😉

We’re really impressed with the quality of the shirts and how well they have been through the wash.  J is going to Loz’s brother’s wedding later in the year and he needs an outfit, so I imagine she might be popping down to the Thurrock Kiddicare store to see what they have pretty soon!

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