Perhaps a bold title – but – it’s true to some extent.

I’m a massive advocate of getting the voice of Dads heard, and trying to beat out the sexism in Parenting Blogging, but as a gender, I really don’t like men at all.

The thing is – I grew up with girls – pretty much all the people I played with down our road were girls. I utterly idolised (and I probably still do) my big sister, and my Mum, and all those awesome friends I had. I didn’t really do much ‘boy stuff’ – Football Stickers could do one, it was all about collecting My Little Pony and Care Bears Stickers. I spent hours in the company of my female friends, countless sleepovers and days out with them all, it felt fine and normal to me.

Camp as Butlins
Camp as Butlins

It got harder as I grew up – I got picked on constantly for my closeness to girls, I was called ‘Gay’ and kicked and punched because I slightly effeminate – I couldn’t name the West Ham team, but I could name all the Care Bears. It was hard, I felt very much an outsider socially, I was never comfortable around boys at school really, I’d be scoffed at, picked last for every team – I just didn’t ‘fit’ with them. As I grew older still, the ‘divide’ was still there – I earned my money baby sitting – again – a source of great amusement – a ‘girls job’ – I suppose it was, but I loved it, and aside from a few mishaps, I was good at it.

This has all shaped how I am, and what I am today – I’m definitely not gay, I’m happy being a man, and having the body I have.

But I just hate men.

It was illustrated beautifully this weekend at BritMums Live 2014. Possibly the UK’s biggest Blogging conference, it was over-run with women, with the odd befuddled looking chap dotted around for good measure. The thing was – I LOVED it – I was in the minority, it wasn’t at all threatening to me, I felt comfortable. Being in the minority of Bloggers is great because a lot of people know you, and it’s terrible too because a lot of people know you.

Those who have seen my tweets and will have read my blog will probably assume I’ve got a massive ego, and I’m full of myself. I’m not.

I’m just a clown, a jester, hoping to make people smile, constantly seeking approval and reassurance that I’m liked.

Those who REALLY know me, know this. I’m so very insecure and scared that people will hate me I try to over compensate by being a character, something that I’m not, but what I want to be – confident, happy and liked.

There were so many people that knew me at BritMums, it was very surreal, lots of smiles across the room, lots of ‘Hi Kip!!’ – hugs and kisses. There was a lot of cattiness and bitching too – it was AMAZING – who doesn’t like to bitch? I loved that people knew me, and wanted to talk to me – there were a few occasions when it was just me talking and I had 5 or 6 others just listening – I was holding court – it was a massive confidence boost. People liked me. I probably looked like an egotistical twat, but I was positively buzzing, I still don’t understand why people like me.

I was approached by two bloggers I’d never met who asked for my photo – it felt great, but then – almost instantly, my confidence took a kick. I questioned their motive, was I being mocked? ‘Look at this twat, he thinks he’s great’, I felt nervous. Why would two people who didn’t know me want my photo? I instantly felt uneasy – on edge. As it transpires, my tweets throughout the keynote were making them laugh, and they were ‘fangirling’ it with me! How nice is that? I felt a prick for letting my doubt upset me, and question them, but I can’t help it.

Screenshot (12_13PM, Jun 24, 2014)

I struggled though the second I was approached by any men at the event – I shut down almost. I can feel myself doing it. I panic, and instantly feel like the little Kip at school about to get a pasting. Compared to most other men, I’m nothing, I’m not as smart, funny, rich or successful, I’m an idiot with a blog that draws things for a living. I panic that anyone I’m with at the time will instantly see just how shit I am, how scared I am of everything – because there is someone next to me that is so much better at stuff than me.

I don’t feel I can ‘banter’ with Men at all, unless there was some sort of challenge to name all the Care Bears. I can’t really do the macho bullshit, the alpha male put downs, and the constant cock-fighting, it’s not me. I just don’t feel confident to communicate with them, all the time worrying that everyone will see I’m not a proper man. I just feel like one of the girls, I like to coo at dresses, bitch about someone’s hair, and squee and squish over babies. I’m not really a man, I’m just well, ME.

Even in smaller groups, I feel nervous with other men around – I just don’t feel good enough and concerned that the alpha male bullshit will show my true colours, that I’m a big useless idiot. I know women will probably be rude about me, tease me and call me a twat, that’s fine – but at least they’ll do it behind my back and out of earshot.

Us guys like to do it face to face, putting each other down, letting everyone else around know how crap the other one is.

I know it, I’d just rather not hear it said to me.

15 thoughts on “I hate Men! A weird retrospect of BritMums Live

  1. DannyUK says:

    You’re the first one in line to call people cunts to their faces! Cheeky sod. I might start revising Care Bear names so I can challenge you.

  2. mummyshambles says:

    I like this post..
    But I realise now that you probably don’t like me lol
    I’m the opposite to you. Brought up in a male dominated world (except for my gay bruv who was more like a sister). I was a tom-boy for many years and to some degree, still am. I feel very uneasy in the company of a lot of women where I can see why you would feel at home. I think the important thing is that people are comfortable in their own skin and you do seem to have achieved that.
    I’m not your average ‘girly’ woman but for what it’s worth, I really like what you have to say. You make me laugh and that counts for a lot in my book. 🙂

  3. Misty says:

    You are fine just the way you are. An lets face it, most women prefer a man that takes interest in them rather than a prick that doesn’t care. You my darling, are a catch! Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise x

  4. WallyMummy says:

    So…basically what you’re saying is you’re a massive flirt Kip!!! lol 😉 You saucy minx 🙂 I couldn’t find you on saturday – did you escape to the alcohol? I was so gutted to be a boring fatty. Next year I’ll be back on the wine with a vengeance! Was fab seeing you though :))) xxx

  5. james gibson says:

    I agree never got on with blokes the whole ugg ugg shit ! Totally loved being surrounded by women felt comfortable and in my place (not that I want to be cross dresser :-p)

  6. Emma says:

    Great post, I was the one taking the photo of you, Hayley and Emily and your tweets had us crying with laughter that day, you’re a legend and your post about Tots 100 is brilliant, couldn’t agree more!

  7. Kerrie McGiveron says:

    You are great just as you are. I’ve only met you twice but I find you warm and approachable, and I think you are funny on here and social media and that. I can’t name any damn Care Bears though so I’d be shit at that. 🙂

  8. Emily Harvey says:

    Hi Kip, Am loving the photo! Thanks for using it in the post 🙂

    You honestly had us crying with laughter at the Tweets through the keynote speech! You seem like a really lovely man!

    Will you be attending next year!? If so lets hang out #morepenis Lol

    Emily x

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