So, you might not have heard, but Tots 100 have dropped the use of Kred as a metric to measure the success of your blog, and chosen to use Instagram instead (you can read more here). Do your shit pictures of your kids with a Lo-Fi filter and vignette make you a better blogger? Will my images of my Tall, Extra Hot, Skinny Latte propel me to blogging fame?

I do a quick Video Blog to discuss my thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Video Blog #2 – Does Instagram make me a #betterblogger ?

  1. SingleMotherAhoy says:

    You are so right. Using Kred was random enough, but replacing it with Instagram seems a little odd.
    No more though, I suppose, than using Klout – which already takes Instagram into account, and is largely a measure of how active you are on Twitter. I could be tweeting and retweeting pornographic images of budgerigars, but if I’m good/prolific enough a it, I could get pretty high in a parent blogger chart.

    Also – thought I saw you at Brit Mums but wasn’t sure if it was indeed you, and was too chicken to just come find out. True story. (should’ve saved that one for Parky for sure)

    • Kip Hakes says:

      Yup – very good point. Also – followers can be bought relativity easily, and cheaply. I’m not sure what the solution is!

      Aww – you should have come said Hi! It probably was me – I’m not as scary as I look!


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