For those of you who don’t know, my day job is a designer. I did a little post about it here . In among the stuff I do, I make websites, and I host websites for my customers too.

This means I need a fairly ‘ballsy’ hosting platform for my customers, which has a 99.9% uptime service level agreement in place.. This means in a WHOLE year there will ever be a “maximum” of less than half a day’s downtime, which is pretty damned good.

My hosting ‘unlimited’ – there’s no noddy no-name company behind it either, all the data is hosted in a UK Data Centre, nothing is farmed out overseas, so everything is very whizzy too. Everything is backed up too, so if something goes wrong, or you install a dodgy plugin, or WordPress update – it’s very easy to roll back to an older version.

So.. What can I do for my bloggy friends?

Well – I’ll give you your own WordPress installation, with unlimited storage, database size, etc.. You can have whatever email addresses / mailboxes you like – with full POP, IMAP and Webmail Access. You’ll get as much bandwidth as you need too. The content and stuff will belong to you, and so long as you’re not blogging any illegal shizzle then there’s no problem, and any sponsored stuff, or adverts you want on there too is just fine. You can even set up your own ecommerce store with WooCommerce for WordPress too if you like, whatever you want. I can help with a bit of setup / configuration too if you like.

It all sounds good doesn’t it?

Yeah – it really is!

So – Cheap Unlimited Self Hosted WordPress?! How much will it cost and what’s the catch?

And the cost well – it’s up to you..

I’ll offer this on a ‘Pay what you can afford for a Year’ basis – so, if you’re feeling flush and you want to give me £50, do it! If things are tight and you don’t have much at all – just give me a few quid for a pint or two? If stuff is better next year, give me some more – whatever you like! If you want to big me up with a link back to my blog on your new shiny one, feel free, but no problem if not. Just to give you some idea will charge you about £50+ for a years ‘limited’ hosting

The catch – well – there isn’t one! Aside from a tiny thing – domain names.

If you have an existing domain you want to point to my server, that’s fine, so long as you’ve got the ability to update the nameservers then it’ll all work.

If you don’t have a domain name, and you want one, that’s fine, but you’ll have to pay the going rate for it – about £5ish for a or £9ish for a .com. Again you can source this yourself but you’ll need control of your nameservers.

If you really can’t afford a domain, then you can have a subdomain from my blog so – it’s not great – but heck, it’s free!

That’s about it, if you’re unhappy with it all, no problems – just let me know and you can have a backup of your site ready to take elsewhere!

I can realistically help out about 50ish bloggers with this so I’ll do it on a first come, first served basis – if you want to get it sorted out, then just drop me an email – kip at kiphakes dot com

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