If your fridge is anything like mine, it’s probably a ‘family fridge’ – adorned with various bits and pieces, artwork by the kids, bills that need your attention, half arsed shopping lists, photos, etc, All attached by various magnets collected over the years.

The fridge door seems to be a dumping ground for stuff you half need or want, stuff that you don’t really want to throw away, but can’t be arsed to ‘file’ correctly.

In the middle of my fridge, and what has been for a very long time is something my Grandma sent to Loz and I when we got married, a postcard with the ‘Rules for a Happy Marriage’ on it.

I remember getting it in the post, and thinking it was a bit twee, but knowing that Grandma probably knew it to all to be true because she’d been married for over 60 years.

It went on the fridge, and just sat there, like everything else.

I got the milk out for my tea this morning and decided to have a tidy of the fridge door, taking down the crap and I stood and read them again.


It’s too late.

But – perhaps these aren’t just rules for a happy marriage, perhaps these are rules for a happy life? I know in marriage and in life I’ve smashed, broken and bent these rules and well – it’s not got me very far.

Perhaps if we all try and abide by the ‘Rules for a Happy Life’, things might not be as dark.

Thank you Grandma, even months after you’re gone – you’re still teaching me.

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