To save having to hand over a changing bag each time I see J, I decided to buy one for myself. J is getting older, so is needing less stuff, meaning I can cope with having something just a little bit smaller. I also wanted something I could use when I nip into London for events and stuff to keep my Kindle Fire HDX / Powergen Charger / Phones etc in. So I wanted something that didn’t LOOK like your typical changing bag. After a bit of Googling I came across the ‘ACME Tablet Bag


It’s designed to hold tech and gadgets, it’ll take a full-sized iPad, plus anything else you want to stuff in – but – it also makes an awesome Changing Bag for a Dad! I’ve managed to cram in, nappies, wipes, dummies, cars, snacks, and even a flipping Fruit Shoot with a bit of room for my tech too! Then when I don’t have my little dude all that can come out, and it’s a pretty cool looking gadget bag!


Despite looking very small, it’s built like the TARDIS, so many little pockets and hidey places, plus you look less of a dick as a bloke wandering around with this than rocking something that looks like Cath Kidston has vomited on with ‘I’m a Yummy Mummy’ plastered on it. Also, they chuck in a pair of headphones with the bag too – admittedly, these aren’t the best buds you’ll use, but they are great to keep stuffed in the bag for an emergency. Considering the ridiculously low-cost, it’s probably worth just picking one up for the hell of it, you can NEVER have enough bags.


I’ve had mine for a few months, and it comes out pretty much every day, it gets lobbed around in the car, trodden on, and generally battered around, and it’s looking fabulous. Much better than the ACTUAL changing bag that we first got when J was born which was RIDICULOUSLY expensive and returned twice because it broke.

So, guys, have you found decent Changing Bag for a Dad?

4 thoughts on “Changing Bag for a Dad? I’ve found one!

  1. Ashleigh Lawrence-Rye says:

    The concept of a “change bag” is one that I never ever understood. It’s a bag that you keep stuff in for your baby right? Nappies, wipes, snacks etc. as you say. Surely most bags do this? When I had my son I felt no need, what so ever, to buy a new bag just because it now needed to transport nappies wipes and a bottle of milk about as well as my purse phone and car keys…. because… drum roll… I already owned a couple of large handbags. If I didn’t already own a large handbag, I’d have gone and bought one because you know what THAT IS WHAT A CHANGE BAG IS. Different “types” of bag include: rucksack/backpack, clutch, plastic carrier bag, bum bag, sick bag, dog poo bag, sandwich bag, tote, holdall… A change bag is NOT a type of bag. I’m done. I’m glad you didn’t actually buy something marketed as a change bag.

    • Kip Hakes says:

      True, but also some of the bags have lined compartments (for wet clothes etc), and insulated pockets for bottles so are more designed for the purpose. But I agree with your sentiment, if I go out with J on the bike, a ‘change bag’ is my rucksack so it doesn’t HAVE to be a specific bag 🙂

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