So you’ve taken a bunch of photographs and you’re looking through them on your laptop or tablet, but the images aren’t as clear as they could be and you’re having trouble seeing whether they’re as high quality as you would like. HD screens for computers are expensive, and if that’s all you’re using them for then it’s maybe not even worth the expenditure. Luckily, you have other options in the form of a smart TV.


Why it’s great

You can hook up your digital camera to your smart TV, and you can view all of your digital photographs on a large high definition widescreen television, allowing you to view all your photographs in HD. You can pick the best ones, find out which ones might need editing, spot imperfections, or just host a slideshow of your favorites for friends and family.

What you need to know

Smart TV allows you to stream content live from the Internet, meaning you can watch live TV, download apps for BBC iPlayer, YouTube videos, and sites like Netflix. You can connect to the Internet either with a wire or wirelessly, and you can connect other devices like laptops through your home network. This means that any content you have on your wireless device — your tablet, laptop, PC, etc. — can be live streamed onto your television. And the same goes for your digital camera or video camera too!

Buy the best for you

The cost of a smart TV can vary from a few hundred pounds up into the thousands. It’s great if you have an unlimited bandwidth package on your Internet allowance; but if your speed is slow then you may have to think about an upgrade.

If you’re on a budget, you can buy a set top box for your current TV, which will make your television smart. For those looking to splash out, invest in a top of the range smart TV with everything built in.

Photography and more

Smart TVs are truly the new generation of television viewing. You’ll find hours of entertainment, along with the availability to improve your photography skills. But this is a gift for budding and established photographers: not only can you slideshow your images, but you can even connect your computer and use Photoshop-style software on the big screen. This means that you’ll have an excellent quality, large screen on which to edit and view your photographs, which will improve your photographs and increase your enjoyment of the post production phase of photography! For a photographer, the smart TV can be the 21st century equivalent of a digital dark room.

So next time you’re wondering what will make your photography more sophisticated and professional, consider a smart TV.

Image by Mark Vitazko, used under Creative Commons license.

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