This is a quick and simple recipe to make a pizza style dish with Puff Pastry for the base. Hence ‘Posh Puff Pastry Pizza’. I was sent some vouchers from the nice folk at Jus Rol so I utilised their chilled puff pasty for this. Obviously, you can make your own, but that takes time (and effort) – you can prep and make this in under ten minutes and it takes about twelve minutes to cook.

G and I made this together, it’s a fabulous recipe to get younger ones cooking. It’s vegetarian-friendly but check the Pesto is – a lot of it isn’t! I left the Mushroom off the one G and I made as she hates them!

20141105_193432 (Large)

It can easily serve four people with a side of salad, or two people on its own. You can divide it into halves or quarters with different toppings on each. Obviously, you can put whatever toppings you like on but I really like the combo here.


One Pack of Chilled Puff Pastry
Tube of Tomato Purée
Jar of Green Pesto
Pitted Green Olives – Halved
Handful of Mushrooms – Chopped
Red Onion – Chopped
Yellow Pepper – Chopped
Jar of Sun Dried Tomatoes
Grated Mozzarella (You could use Mozzarella sliced from a ball – but it’s a bit sloppy)



1 – Preheat oven to 220°C (200°C for fan assisted ovens)/Gas Mark 7.

2 – Unroll the Puff Pasty onto a large baking tray / sheet and trim any excess.

3 – Around 1cm from each edge, cut lightly into the pastry to give you a ‘frame’ to put the toppings in – this also creates a nice puffed up border!


4 – Dollop the Pesto and Tomato Purée onto the pastry and spread around with the bottom of a spoon, mixing it together.



5 – Pop on the Olives, Mushroom, Pepper, Onion and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.


6 – Sprinkle on the Mozzarella – and you’re good to go!


7 – Cook in the oven for around 12 minutes, until the cheese has melted, and the pastry is golden brown (ours was perhaps a little too brown!)


There you have it , Vegetarian Posh Puff Pizza!

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