Today was a bit of a hectic morning – G was slow getting ready, a customer was having a massive IT Crisis and I ended up being late leaving to collect James.

To compound things further the Fuel light started flashing as I was on my journey, so I had to swing in to get Diesel – even that was a pain as the attendant was, well, less than efficient.

Finally back on the road and starting to make up time, in true ‘Sitcom’ style, a Hearse (loaded with a coffin) pulled in-front of me and trundled along in front. I could mentally feel the minutes clocking up, I wasn’t going to be a knob and fly past it, so respectfully stayed back.

Georgia saw the Hearse and asked what the car was – I told her it was a Hearse.. She fell silent and thought about it.

“They don’t have any flowers of the coffin…” – She noticed.

“No..” I agreed

“Hmmmm – They were probably nasty and no one liked them enough to buy flowers” she added.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

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