In interesting trend on Social Media, and in modern relationships is the ‘Date Night’.

From what I can gather it’s a really big deal that a couple actually GO OUT and DO THINGS and then inevitably smash uglies together at the end of the night, to the point it needs documenting on ‘LIVE’ on Social Media. Every aspect is played out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter –

“This is what I’m wearing”

“This is where we’re going”

“This is what I’m eating”

“This is what we’re drinking”

“This is what we’re talking about”

“This is what we’re having for pudding”

“This is how I’m being fucked” (Okay – might not have seen that one.. yet)


Shut the fuck up, put your phones away and enjoy it.

If going out with your spouse is such a big deal, then why spend the time tilt shifting your Crème Brulee or adding a filter upon filter to your long-suffering other half (it won’t help – they still look like they hate you)? It just feels sad as an outsider that the fact you are actually spending time together is so rare, so precious that it should be given the concentration and enjoyment it deserves, and not needing playing out for everyone.

The twats that usual partake in such sport tend to be the ones that use the term ‘Hubby’ or ‘Wifey’ for their other half (married or not). Said Hubby or Wifey are probably so tired of being called that, and having their lives shared they are probably on their phone while you’re live tweeting #DateNight, texting the person they’ve been sleeping with.

I’m a single old cynic, I admit it.

I’m jealous and miss the stability and sanctity of a long term relationship, but I suppose, as an ‘outsider’ to this world I’ve learnt something important.

Going out together is something special, something intimate, not a thing we all need to see, or experience through your eyes. Being a couple is hard work, and throw children into the mix, it can be nigh on impossible at times.

So – put your fucking phones down, leave the #datenight hashtag at the door, spend the night together without giving a fuck about who knows what you’re doing, and remember you’re REALLY lucky to have each other.

14 thoughts on ““The Internet – I’m having sex tonight!!” – AKA. Date Night #datenight

  1. Kate/WitWitWoo says:

    Well said. I’ve not had a relationship for so long that I can’t say I’ve ever done this – back in the day, when you went out with your partner, you just … went out with your partner. No pics, hashtags, or selfies in sight.

  2. Emily G says:

    I’m usually so tired I can barely stay awake for date night. In fact it’s usually date lunch and then I go home to sleep for a solid 8 hours for once!

  3. Emma Day says:

    Can’t say I hashtag or instagram on date nights but I do check in places and post photos… Purely because if I didn’t… We’d never ever have any photos of us! And I call my husband Hubs online coz his name is Jonny… Which we all know is slang for something else. At home I call him “Man” and he calls me “woman”. Lol.

    But yes you are right, the term “date night” usually infers scheduled sex!

  4. carla says:

    I agree in a way that phones should be put down for the most part. Sometimes it is nice to take a few photos here and there of the evening though. And for me having a date night is a special occasion amd a chance to just hang out ( I’m lucky if I can afford a nice meal once every so often ) and is definitely NOT about having sexy time at the end lol

  5. Hannah says:

    I love to snap away but I’m not one for ignoring my husband in favour of uploading said photos to various social media, etc a few snaps phone down, although must say most date nights are about being on the sofa with a film and take out so no, there would be no sharing at all! I bet if you put #nsfw #datenight you’d find the last one on your Twitter list haha!!!

  6. Alex says:

    You know Kip, next time I bump into you at an event, I’m actually going to say LOL when you say something funny, just to see your reaction 😀

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