“I’m PR Friendly”

A term that adorns many Blogger’s Bios.


Are there people who are Unfriendly to PR People? Because I’m a Daddy blogger, I tend to get lumped in with ‘Mummy Blogger’ contact lists, which means I get pitched sanitary towels, pregnancy massages
and cosmetics. Obviously they are all wasted on me, and not aimed at me, but I’m never ‘unfriendly’ to these PR folk – I’m a really horrible (HORRIBLE) person but I’ll normally politely decline and point out my gender. Job done.

So a if you’re not brandishing your ‘PR Friendly’ moniker does that mean that when you get offered free stuff, do you tell the PR folk to go fuck themselves?

“We’d love for you to try our XYZ with a view to reviewing it”

“No, fuck off – I’d rather be violated by a chimp, thanks though!”

Aren’t we all relatively friendly people? Don’t we have some degree of good manners? Do we have to insist on TELLING people we’re friendly? Isn’t that the default? It’s like those pricks who declare their love for their children on Facebook..

“i LOVE mi lttle Kyla so mch”


Of course, if you’re not interested in hearing from PR people, you won’t have contact details on your blog, or have any sign that you’ve done PR stuff in the past. They’ll see this and move on.

Surely use the limited characters in your bio for something else other than stating the bleeding obvious?

3 thoughts on “PR Friendly – The most pointless phrase in the world of blogging.

  1. Jem says:

    If the sanitary towels are boring you I got offered some Dettol this week which you’re more than welcome to. (I told the PR that Dettol goes against everything I believe in. He didn’t reply. I’m not sure why?)

    • TomTod says:

      What’s wrong with Dettol? Plus with kids and the animals play ‘zookeeper’ to I would have thought antibac and hygiene would be top of your list, no? Maybe not then

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