On Saturday I had the opportunity to join swathes of teenage girls and have a VIP Experience and ‘Meet the Vamps’.

It started with a sound-check and Q+A with the The Vamps, plus The Tide and Union J, it was a fantastic opportunity to get a few ‘up close’ photos and even a video..

Then it was time to join a queue of excited teens and tweens with my slightly drunk companion Helen. As we drew closer to the band who were having photos taken in-front of a ‘The Vamps’ banner we watched them quickly greet their adoring fans with hugs and hellos, posing for photos and then moving on to the next group.

Then – it was our turn.

Before I could blink Helen was OFF! Down the line of The Vamps and somehow turned it into ‘Receiving Line’ she went to each one, shook their hand and said “Hello”, before finishing at drummer Tristan and slurring at him –

“I have been drinking!”

I followed at her side, observing the baffled/terrified looks on their faces as she passed them – she was like the Queen at a movie première, or a bride at a wedding.

The photographer took our picture and we shuffled off to find our seats, I had literally no idea WHAT had just happened.

If you want a VIP Experience at a gig, check out ‘Adventures in Wonderland‘, and you can catch The Vamps at Thorpe Park as part of their ‘Island Beats’ events.

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