The awesome folks at HP enlisted me to take part in their #FreeYourPics Instant Ink campaign.

More often than not photographs these days are taken electronically, and usually end up stuck on a phone, or memory card, shared on social networks and left to stagnate. HP want people to #FreeYourPics and get us all enjoying photos the ‘old fashioned’ way, being able to fill your albums and fridge door with beautiful crisp prints.

The HP Envy 5530 Instant Ink Printer in action!
The HP Envy 5530 Instant Ink Printer in action!

I was sent an HP Envy 5530 Instant Ink Printer to try and see how easy it was to free my pictures, and give my fridge a bit of a refresh!

The HP Envy 5530 is a DODDLE to set up, put in the cartridges, connect it to the WiFi and you’re done! You don’t even need to have to install any software on your machine, it’s a completeless wireless and pain free set-up, you’re then set to to #FreeYourPics!

I installed the HP ePrint on my phone. The app instantly found my printer, and I was able to send photos directly to it. There are also tools within the app to crop your pictures to popular picture sizes. I love the simplicity of it all, I installed the app onto my Mum’s phone to try it, she sussed it with no intervention – it really is Idiot Proof 😉

The really smart thing about this printer is the fact it utilises HP Instant Ink service. Instant Ink eliminates the need to ever have to go out and buy ink cartridges again! The printer is connected to HP and will order fresh cartridges as you’re running out, that will be delivered to your door! You subscribe to this service based on your ‘average’ monthly consumption, plans start at £1.99 per month (based on 50 pages per month), and go up to £7.99 for 300 pages per month.

My first HP Instant Ink Delivery!
My first HP Instant Ink Delivery!

The quality of the prints is nothing short of brilliant, you’d be hard pushed to spot the difference between those printed from Boots. Plus the amazing quality of the HP ink and paper means that the pictures don’t fade or degrade over time. You can free your pictures and put them in an album and enjoy them for years to come.

To show just how quick and easy it is to #FreeYourPics, I decided to take a handful of pictures that I’d taken over the last few months and get them up on the fridge, giving it a well needed injection of fun. Printing all these pictures took about 15 minutes, and it shows that your pictures really do look better once they’ve been set free!

Fridge Finished

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