Did you know 1 in 3 bloggers will experience a haul video in their lifetime?

Despite extensive research, there is no known cure for the fucking idiots that make haul videos.

So – if you’re a blogger, you probably know what these abominations are. If you’re not, or don’t – a ‘Haul’ video is essentially a blogger who’s made a video about the contents of their shopping bag. Then showing the viewer said items, with a few comments as to why they bought it, and how much it cost.

Yes. Really.

Some of you will be aware of my dislike for the shit thing that was going on last year when everyone seemed to be making stupid ‘What’s in your handbag?’ Videos (my ‘response’ is here). Thankfully that craze is dying, but the haul video is spreading throughout blogging and generally making us all look like twats.

Seemingly no ‘shop’ is safe – Primark ‘Hauls’ are a bit thing, but equally I’ve seen beauty bloggers run through the tut they’ve bought at Superdrug, and even more ridiculous those who do ‘Grocery Shop Haul Videos’.

Seriously?! How is that a ‘THING’?!

I can’t muster the enthusiasm for my own fucking shopping, let alone muster it to hear about your ‘3 for 5 quid knickers’ from Primark or your ‘Bargain Lamb that’ll go in the slow cooker’.

Why would you think ANYONE gives a shit about it?

The worst thing about Haul Videos are that they are increasing, so many idiots get told at blogging conferences they are a ‘good idea’ because they get a lot of views on YouTube. That’s great! I’m sure making a sex tape with your partner would get a lot of views, or making a snuff video, doesn’t mean you should do it! Numbers and figures don’t make for good, satisfying content, it’s all smoke, mirrors and bullshit.

If you make Haul Videos.



Show us the contents of your soul, rather than the contents of your bags.

11 thoughts on “Haul Videos – The cancer of blogging

  1. Single Mother Ahoy says:

    Agreed. Am increasingly concerned as to what bloggers will do in the name of getting more views or a higher Klout score.
    That said, there is a young girl on You Tube who makes a fortune from buying Moshi Monster grab bag things and opening them on camera. Apparently now she’s moved on to strategically placed bottles of shampoo or something though. Savvy parents.

  2. mrsteepot says:

    I quite like watching haul videos (not grocery store ones), I’ve never made one though but I have thought about it. I am really interested in beauty/fashion vloggers sharing what they’ve bought…

  3. tombriggs79 says:

    Ha! Totally with you on this one. Really can’t see the point in them. Then again, I can never afford to actually buy anything so maybe I’m jealous…

  4. Kerry says:

    It’s funny how you say ‘why would you think anyone would give a SHIT about it?’ When they are some of the most viewed videos for people, so clearly people do like to watch them and do give a shit 🙂 not everyone likes the same things.

    • Elaine Livingstone says:

      as Kerry says “so clearly people do like to watch them and do give a shit 🙂 not everyone likes the same things.” People like all sorts of different things. They are not for me and I am with you hate shopping and putting it away so the idea of making a video exciting are not for me.
      Kerry’s comment made me chuckle cos my hubby rants about things in the same way, seems to think cos it does not appeal to him it should not appeal to any one.
      Nice to read other peoples comments on this.

  5. Helen says:


    Snuff video line is gold/

    I didn’t even know this was a thing. I wish I’d kept it that way.

    I also HATE it when people go “oh I went shopping, here is my insertchavvyshop here haul”.


    And breathe. *drinks vodka*

  6. Emily Harvey says:

    Each to their own. I don’t think people should be slated for it, if that’s what they enjoy doing then let them be. I enjoy watching haul videos, esp beauty ones.

    • Louise says:

      Totally agree with Emily. I love seeing what people have bought – I used to snoop through the contents of my friends carriers when they’d been shopping or their handbags (and they mine), now I can see what everyone else is buying/carrying around. If you don’t like them, don’t watch them. It’s easy enough to not watch them “/

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