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Trampoline Parks haven’t really been a ‘thing’ in the UK before, Essex has been spoilt recently by the opening of TWO in recent months, with Jump Street in Colchester and Jump Giants in Thurrock. To beat summer holiday boredom, we took a trip to Jump Giants to see what Europe’s biggest Trampoline Park has to offer.

This is what Jump Giants has to offer –

Jump Giants Indoor Trampoline Park is a 28,000 square foot cutting-edge entertainment, fitness and sports facility unlike anything you have ever experienced. Jump Giants offers fun for the entire family! Our Indoor Trampoline Park has over 16,000 square feet of jumping surfaces, including a one of a kind 8-lane foam zone with 2 launch pads, a 7,000 square foot main jump arena with tumble runs, junior zone, two dodgeball courts and basketball slam dunk lanes

Exciting stuff! But how does it compare to all the facts and figures?

Well – first off, booking, especially in the holidays and weekends is ESSENTIAL – this can be done easily on the website.

JumpGiants - Page

The cost is £11 per jumper, spectators are charged at £3 per person, you get this ‘given back’ to you as a credit for the café. It’s worth noting that you will get an hour’s jumping for £11, it’s all very strict, so make sure you’re there at least 30 minutes before your ‘jump’. You need some ‘Non-Slip Socks’ to jump, these are sold at £2 a pair – you can keep them and use them for the next time you go, saving £2!

Outside of Jump Giants
Outside of Jump Giants

Jump Giants is located in one of the industrial estates by Lakeside, it’s literally 2 minutes away from IKEA, so in pretty good reach of the M25 / A13. There’s very limited parking outside Jump Giants, but there is well indicated parking a bit further down the road.

Once you’re parked, it’s time to check in, this is all done through a very well organised reception desk with plenty of staff on hand to get you sorted out with ruthless efficiency. I paid my £3 to watch and got handed a bar-coded receipt for £3 to spend in the café. We were then led through to the Briefing Room where a cheerful chap explained a few house rules, and then had to watch a DVD with safety instructions.

It’s worth noting that kids under 12 need adult supervision at all times, the minimum age to jump is 3 years old. If you’d rather your small ones had a ‘quieter’ jump, outside of the school holidays they run ‘Junior Giants’ sessions for children up to age 5. Fantastic!

So, once you’ve been briefed, it’s time to JUMP!




You’re ushered into the main area of the park. There are bouncy things as far as the eye can see, and a large café area for parents and Non Jumpers to watch from. There are some fantastic CCTV cameras dotted around showing the arena so you can watch your children from the sanctity of the café. I’m happy to report the coffee they serve here is FAB, a soft play coffee is often a disappointing thing, not so at Jump Giants!

So into the Jump zones themselves, it’s split into a one of a kind 8-lane foam zone, a 7000 sq ft main jump arena, junior zone, dodgeball courts and basketball slam dunk lanes. To be honest, I didn’t venture into the arena myself, I let Georgia charge off and play. She spent most of her time throwing herself into the foam pit, I spotted her doing some Dodgeball too. She came out after an hour absolutely beaming and wanting to jump again as soon as possible.

The capacity of the Jump Giants Arena is 150, when we visited, it was at capacity, and certainly didn’t ‘feel’ too busy, which is good, plus I easily found somewhere to sit down and drink my coffee. The website mentions ‘Free Wifi’ but there didn’t seem to be any available at the time of my visit.

Whilst it’s certainly not a ‘cheap’ thing to do, you certainly don’t begrudge the £11 charge – the centre is plush, clean, and well set out. The staff were all happy, energetic and seemed to be enjoying their work, not a grumpy face in sight!

I’m looking forward to heading back to Jump Giants very soon, perhaps with the little man in tow, I know he’ll love it!

So if your kids are bored this Summer Holiday, I’d thoroughly recommend Jump Giants!

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