It was time to update the storage in the bedroom, it was looking a bit tired and shabby, not to mention there wasn’t enough of it! So we began looking at the space available and our options – bespoke built in wardrobes are very costly, and very ‘permanent’. We fancied something a bit more ‘modular’ and can be altered easily in time.

After a trip to IKEA to buy some of their awesome Kallax storage, we had a look at their classic ‘PAX’ wardrobes. I’ve had PAX before, but they seem to have extended the range to support a whole host of storage options in a variety of frames. So the options are fairly unlimited – perfect for our requirements, and modular nature means that you can add to it in time. The price is pretty low too, and again, with it all being modular, you don’t have to make a big outlay in one go.

Next up, we had to plan the layout, there was around 380cm of wall to fill, so this would be perfect for a 1 x 75cm wide unit and 3 x 100cm wide unit, leaving a little bit of ‘wiggle-room’ either side. Once we knew what space we had available, we worked out how best to fill it – thankfully this was easily done with the PAX Wardrobe Planner.

This clever little web page is loaded with the entire PAX range and ‘knows’ how it all fits together, leaving you with a shopping list to take in store and buy the things you need. We had to take another reccy to IKEA to check a few bits and pieces, but once we had, we came up with a ‘final’ plan on the Planner tool.


At our local store (Thurrock), they’ll even pick out all the boxes for you so you don’t have to wander around the warehouse looking for bits and pieces. Also, delivery is available for a flat fee of £35 (£25 if you’re closer to the store), knowing how many boxes we’d have, we plumped for a home delivery.

ALL the boxes!
ALL the boxes!

It took an entire day to assemble our ‘wardrobe wall’, and then a fair few hours the next day filling it up! The end result – pretty flipping amazing!

The PAX Wardrobes fitted together wonderfully, and by following the instructions explicitly, there were no issues whatsoever! Something I didn’t know that you could buy is little ‘dots’ that fill in the little holes that run up the insides of the wardrobes where the fittings fit to. As our storage was open, and aesthetics important, these £1 (per 100) little bits of rubber really gave a fab finishing touch.


The only thing left to do is look at getting some lights to finish it properly. Although considering to cost of the matching lights, that might have to wait a while!

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