I don’t really do much ‘customer service’ based stuff anymore, largely because I’ve not had any glaring issues or AMAZING customer service of late, but I do like to give credit where credit is due – so this is a MASSIVE thumbs up to Southminster MOT and Service Centre.

Those of you who’ve read the blog for ages know I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and having a tinker with my car, I think growing up with a mechanic Dad, and a desire to know ‘how stuff works’, has been an influence on me. I’ve changed wheel hub, fixed leaky fuel pipes, changed a rocker cover seal, done a service or two, heck I even changed an engine mount, but some things, I just can’t do. So when I can’t, I give the car to Southminster MOT and Service Centre.

It’s super handy to get to for me (it’s opposite my Mum and Step Dad’s house) and they’ve been customers for years, and wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere and now I understand why. Recently the Zafira started leaking what looked like oil, wherever it was parked, a little puddle was left underneath – I couldn’t really track down where exactly it was coming from, so I had to take it for a professional once over.

The chaps at the Southminster MOT and Service Centre had it for a day, and spent an hour trying to track down the leak – the prognosis was dire – it was the fuel pump. Due to it being a high pressure, ECU controlled Diesel Pump, these aren’t cheap to buy and a pain to replace – being over 15 years old, a £1000 repair job just wasn’t financially viable. Not the news I wanted – expecting to have to pay for the diagnosis, and their time – they didn’t charge a penny, even knowing that I wouldn’t get the work done, they just gave the keys back.

So, if you live in or around Southminster, I’d heartily recommend using their services – it’s a real pain to find a decent garage that won’t do you over – but I’m happy to have found one! Being such a tiny business, they don’t actually have a website, but they are part of ‘The Good Garage Scheme’ and have a 5 star rating (rightly so!) – you can find them here

RIP - The Bus
RIP – The Bus

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