So, last week was a little random, it kicked off with me finding out that I’d won a trip to Berlin during half term (more on that another time!) and then got weirder by a PR friend of mine DMing and seeing if I was available to be a model at a photoshoot for a brand she works with. After I’d spend Monday being a #ProBlogger and photographed myself ‘working with brands’ (or just using the product as it normally is!) I’d wondered if I’d hit the big time..


No.. apparently they wanted ‘Normal looking, but photogenic’ (there’s a compliment in there somewhere!), it sounded like fun so I agreed!

I was a bit nervous as I’d never done anything like this before – I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I could smile on command – or even if my smile was ‘right’. I’d contemplated having a quick drink beforehand to steady my nerves, but I didn’t really want to rock up over confident and smelling like a pub, so I settled for a Starbucks.

The Perseverance Works
The Perseverance Works

The shoot was at the Perseverance Works in Shoreditch, where they regularly have photoshoots and film stuff, after meeting the PR I just had to wait for them to set up the shoot and get going. The premise was that it was a Christmas Dinner ‘scene’ for everyone’s favourite fizzy apple beverage – Appletiser. There was a full Christmas dinner laid out on the table (including the biggest turkey I’ve EVER seen), and several bottles of Appletiser too. When the scene was set myself and the other ‘models’ (who were all a bit younger and better looking) took our seats and were told what to do. It was mostly holding product and looking like we were having fun – I had to pretend to carve the turkey too – that was a new experience!

The dinner scene was set!
The dinner scene was set!

After lots of clicks of the camera, and feeling slightly awkward (acting natural feels so unnatural!) the food was dished out and that was it – unfortunately I couldn’t actually eat much of the food (a full on roast isn’t very veggie friendly!), but we sat around, had a bit of a chat and ensured the food didn’t go to waste! It was easier than I’d expected and over very quickly, obviously the focus is on the product rather than the people drinking it, but who knows, you might see a familiar face splashed around the Appletiser social media streams around the festive season!


So that was my first, and probably last time of a model, but it was a different way to spend a Friday afternoon in London!

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