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The awesome folks at Chessington World of Adventures Resort invited us to have a cheeky sneaky preview of their offering for Halloween – the Chessington Howl’o’ween !


I’ve not experienced a full Halloween at Chessington for YEARS – I usually visit before or after and I’ve always loved the theming, they always put a lot of effort in to give the park a child friendly ‘spooky’ theme.

This year they have two Halloween themed attractions for the park’s target audience, first up is the ‘Trick or Treat Wood’ . This is a lovely attraction designed for all ages – you take a stroll trough the ‘Trick or Treat Wood’ where your path can either take the ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’ route – depending on getting the correct answer given to a simple teaser at the start. Thankfully the little girl in our party knew what 3+4 was and we were sent on the ‘Treat’ path. Along the way you meet several fairies who get you to interact with.


It’s all very simple stuff that will delight youngsters, James really enjoyed it – although was slighty creeped out by the ‘talking tree’ – I was too if I’m honest! Thankfully at the end of the Woods there was a sweet treat waiting for us !

James, summed it up – “I liked that! I didn’t like the tree though”


It’s a lovely little attraction that will keep all the little ones happy, I didn’t encounter the ‘Trick’ route, but I imagine that won’t be too scary either!

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