There are various different blogging charts / league tables out there, some of which Bloggers take VERY seriously. Some will even give you a badge to put on your blog showing your position, everyone LOVES a badge it would seem!

So, I’ve decided I want a piece of the action, and as of today, I’m setting up the KIPS 101 – a chart of ALL the blogs out there – Parenting, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle – EVERYONE is welcome!

The difficulty is with blogging is there is NO real way of accurately judging the quality of content in the blog without reading every single one of them, and lets be honest – who wants to read THAT many? So, I’ll calculate just how good your blog is by adding up how many followers you have on all the social platforms, and then multiplying it by exactly how much I like you as an individual – if we’re good mates and you’ve lots of followers you’re guaranteed to do well! If we’ve fallen out over something that month, or you disagree with anything I say, I can pretty much guarantee your badge won’t have a number on!

You don’t just get a badge for your blog – Oh no! I’ll also give you a bit more code which ties in nicely with my Adsense account – so every time your badge is displayed, I get a little bit of money – because, well, MONEY! I’m not all take, take, take, I’ll collect all your details and sell it to marketing companies, they might well get in touch with you with blogging opportunities, but, maybe not – I *might* take the best ones for myself.

Still – you get a badge – that’s pretty cool!

Just remember folks, there’s no science or real metrics behind the KIPS 101 – it’s solely based on my feelings about you at that particular time – so, play nicely with me!

Who wants to sign up?

12 thoughts on “The KIPS 101 – There’s no better metric than no metric!

  1. misty says:

    I expect a very high score EVERY month despite not blogging in over a year. Just cause I’m awesome. Okay?

  2. Attachment Mummy says:

    Hilarious! I got kicked out of the – ahem – other lot last month because I said it was a crock of shite, and I may even have questioned the motivation and activity of some of the darlings. How very dare I?!

    What a brilliant idea you’ve had to make lots of money and get lots of opportunities off the back of everyone else’s hard work. Please let me know where to get your badge, as I would love to start earning you money as soon as possible.

    By the way, have you thought of setting up similar charts for different areas of blogging? You could make even more money that way! Just make sure you include your own blog at the top of each and every listing, and give yourself lots of juicy links so you show up highest in rankings, search engines etc.

    (P.S. Will still show off about my Teads – while it lasts! Yah boo sucks to all!)

  3. Helen Porter says:

    This is actually really funny I am holding my hands up to loving a shiny new badge … But may have to reconsider – so I’m in on the 101 chart but only for a nice shiny badge oh and of course top spot!

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