I’m sat at my desk on a damp Monday morning, just thinking about the last few days, it feels like I haven’t stopped, and it’s pretty much true – I genuinely haven’t had much chance to catch my breath, since Thursday Night I’ve driven around 600 miles, and it’s all been in the name of –

Bands, Bloggers, Burns, Balls and Burgers!



So Thursday night was all about seeing the WONDERFUL Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls at Ally Pally. Miss A had got me a ticket to join her and her brother to see the Wessex boy in action. Supported by Will Varley (bloody good!) and Skinny Lister (Not REALLY my bag), I was very much looking forward to seeing Frank in action. Simply put, he’s probably one of the best live artists I’ve ever seen – his performances are so powerful and just, relentless, there’s no real pauses or gaps, he crammed so many songs into the set. It’s also one of the ‘nicest’ gigs I’ve been to – that’s possibly because of the ‘Rules’ he gave the crowd early on –

  1. Be nice to each other
  2. If you know the words, sing a-fucking-long

My word, Ally Pally sang their hearts out, it was a sea of dancing, singing, and happiness – it’s quite phenomenal seeing so many people so taken by music. I must admit I was pretty nervous, as aside from a few turns at V-Festival, this was my first ‘Stand Up’ gig, I’m a bit rubbish with crowds and lots of people, but the happy atmosphere was pretty infectious and calming. Frank is an incredible showman, and for someone who sings like he’s never going to sing again, his voice is just incredible, no cracking or breaking, every single word sounded like it was heartfelt and true. It was the last night of his tour, so you might have a while before you can catch him doing that show again, but if you love live music, he’s one to see, without doubt. Here’s a newish song on YouTube – have a listen..

Leaving Ally Pally wasn’t too bad, but we made it home 1.30am on Friday morning, which meant waking up early on Friday morning was HORRIBLE, but I had a busy day ahead! First up was heading over Braintree to take Bella the cat to the Vets for her yearly booster – Bella HATES the vets, although this time the Vet had a magic ‘calming’ spray which she used first. I have never seen her so chilled and mellow, it was like liquid cannabis, the vet examined her and gave her injection with Bella staying perfectly still, it was amazing! James found it hilarious how dopey Bella was!

After the cat was dispatched home, it was time to set off to Manchester for the Annual Co-operative Blogger Christmas Event – #OnTheList – Read about it on the next page

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