So Tuesday was our second day at Bluestone, waking up to the sound of, well – nothing! The beds are extremely comfy, I rarely sleep well in a ‘new’ bed, but the bed here felt like home. Unfortunately the world of the self-employed designer is rarely quiet, so no sooner was I up and dressed I was at the table and working away. It gave Miss A the chance to explore our surroundings whilst I powered through.


We’d booked a treatment at ‘The Well Spa‘ in the afternoon, so my efforts working would be rewarded with a ‘Gentleman’s Tonic’ session at the Spa. If you buy a treatment at the Spa you’re allowed to use the Relaxation Rooms and the Thermal Suites for two hours before, so as the clock hit 2pm we made our way to the Spa to have a look round.

Admittedly from the outside, I was feeling a bit dubious of the Spa – it LOOKS like a large house, and whilst the pictures online painted it as a wonderful looking place, outside, I was baffled that a Spa could fit in there.

How wrong I was!


It’s AMAZING in there – it’s flipping huge! On the ground floor you have the Reception, Changing Rooms, the ‘Cwtch’ Lounge, a Salon and a few treatment rooms. Head upstairs you’ll find more Treatment Rooms, the Relaxation Rooms, the Thermal Rooms (which themselves are HUGE), a Cafe and an outside deck with a Hydrotherapy Pool. It’s definitely one of the nicest Spas I’ve visited, there’s so much space, and despite being busy at times the Thermal Suites had plenty of room for everyone.

The Gents Changing Room


At 4pm we went back to the Cwtch Lounge to be collected for our treatments, the lovely Kate was taking caring of me and giving me my treatment. Basically the ‘Gentleman’s Tonic’ got practically every inch of me (bar the mid section), massaged and seen to – I left feeling a bit pummelled (I did tell her to be firm!) and totally relaxed. The Well Spa is FANTASTIC, and I would totally recommend it.


Feeling very chilled and relaxed we decided it would be nice to not have to slave in the kitchen, so we made our way to the ‘Oak Tree Restaurant’ for a little treat. The Oak Tree is above the Knights Tafern, and is a smaller and quieter restaurant compared to the Farmhouse Grill where we’d eaten on Monday. The Menu had more choice for us veggies and it was all a bit different to the ‘usual suspects’ you find as a vegetarian eating out.


Despite the reasonable prices, the food was genuinely some of the nicest I’ve ever consumed – it is all so well thought out and presented, and most of all, DELICIOUS. Three courses and alcohol for two, with a bill less than £50 was fantastic. Even the ‘meaty’ dishes sounded amazing, and looking at them coming out of the kitchen showed that the quality was right across the board. Whilst the accommodation here allows you to cook your own meals, you’d be severely missing out if you stayed here without treating yourself to a meal out.

The evening was rounded off with a little trip down memory lane in the Arcade in the Village and a spin on the Sega Rally 2 machine, I headed back to the Villa grinning like and idiot and full of beautiful food. Day 2 at Bluestone was amazing – here’s hoping Day 3 is just as good!


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