Wednesday started off in a fantastic way, some fresh goodies from the Bakery in The Village and some lovely Lattes to go with them, whilst sat in the lounge catching up with blogging and overlooking the beautiful views of Bluestone. The weather was pretty flipping dreadful, but it was nice to be working with the Welsh countryside out there!


I wasn’t feeling particularly great for some reason, so I spend the rest of the morning dozing and feeling sorry for myself whilst Miss A explored the surroundings.


Feeling a little brighter in the afternoon I thought it would be a good time to try the ‘Blue Lagoon‘ – the weather was utterly appalling, and not really suitable for taking a stroll through some of the woodland walks. So we made our way across Bluestone to find the Blue Lagoon, with our villa so close to The Village it was quite astounding how big the resort actually is. It felt like a massive treck, I felt glad I didn’t have James in tow! I think perhaps the only downside to Bluestone is just how steep the gradients are, you can walk along the roads which aren’t as steep, but it makes journeys longer. Of course you can hire bikes and or a golf cart (those are £80 for Mon-Fri or Fri-Mon) to make trips across the resort easier, but £80 felt a bit too rich for me – I’d have just tolerated it with a buggy.


The Blue Lagoon is an impressive structure with several flumes poking out of the side to the backdrop of some of the larger rides at Oakwood in the background, the Blue Lagoon is free for residents of Bluestone to use, with an exclusive timeslot first thing each day before Joe Public can enter. Unfortunately, because people don’t really like you pulling out a camera out in a swimming pool I can’t really show you anything of the inside of the Water-park. So I donned my new swimming gear that I picked up from Only Sports Gear and took the plunge!

It’s possibly a little smaller than I expected, but it packs a LOT of fun inside and OUT, there’s a little areas designed for babies and toddlers, and several flumes to try and a lovely ‘Lazy River’ that takes you outside with a few little pools that separate off from it. It’s fantastic fun and suitable for all ages. There’s a café area that both spectators and pool users can use, Miss A doesn’t really ‘do’ swimming so she opted to sit with coffee and a book. It’s a fantastic pool and reminded me in some respects to ‘Splash Landings’ at Alton Towers.

I think my only bugbear is the changing areas, it’s split between ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ with a small ‘Family’ section in the middle. I would personally change it all to ‘Family’ space, with larger cubicles for families and smaller ones for those on their own and one child – it’s fairly commonly in newer water-parks and swimming pools.

After a quick swim it was back to the villa to try the kitchen for the first time as Miss A made us dinner – it’s surprising just how well supplied the kitchen is – there’s a vast range of utensils and things to make a family meal, self catering at Bluestone would be very straightforward! The rest of the evening was spend feeling very sorry for myself with a glass of wine and a cosy blanket, hoping tomorrow I’d feel better – fingers crossed!

Wine and Rinder
Wine and Rinder

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