Oh dear… Day 4 at Bluestone wasn’t very good – the poorlies had fully taken hold overnight and I spend the majority of the morning in bed / sofa feeling utterly dreadful. The weather wasn’t brilliant either, so I didn’t feel like I was missing much of the outside world. The only problem was – we’d got an activity booked for 1pm and Day 4 was our last full day, so I was a big brave boy took all the tablets I could and shuffled off to the Tournament Field to do Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting!

The Tournament Field
The Tournament Field

I’ve been regular Clay Pigeon Shooting before and enjoyed that massively, so despite the poorlies and rain, I was looking forward to trying my hand at this. By the time Miss A and I arrived there, the instructor and three other people were waiting to start. After a quick introduction to how the guns worked, we went to our ‘bays’ (I was number 2) and the games began. We had five different rounds with slight variations on the games, and I had a LOT of fun – I actually found out I was pretty good with a shotgun (alarming!). The time flew by, and as we finished early (a session is 45 mins) the instructor reset the scores and let us pick a few of our favourite games until the time was up.


The instructor was really good, very friendly, approachable and encouraging to those who weren’t as good (the slightly frustrated man in position 3), I’d probably book two lots of the shooting if I were to return it was LOTS of fun.

I was G2 - the score only goes up to 99 - so I got 119!
I was G2 – the score only goes up to 99 – so I got 119!

The walk back to the Villa meant I was able to capture a panoramic view of the resort from one of the highest points – even in the pouring rain – it’s pretty blummin lovely!

A view across Bluestone
A view across Bluestone

The rest of Thursday was pretty much a write off, with snoozing on the settee and rubbish on TV, thankfully the accommodation is really like a home from home, so even being poorly there wasn’t too horrible. I sulked under a blanket on the sofa, just like I would at home if I was unwell, so, whilst the last night at Bluestone wasn’t exactly how I planned, it was nice to feel cosy and comfy even in a bad situation.

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