If you’ve ever tried to book a short break during the summer holidays to Alton Towers Resort, you’ve probably found the cost of it is, well, to be blunt – extortionate. Whilst it’s nice to have a little summer holiday treat, the costs involved, especially once you factor in food, drink, tickets and souvenirs are well out of reach to the average family. Now is the time to nab some brilliant Alton Towers Resort Hotel Bargains!

Thankfully though, especially if you’ve got a younger family, it’s possible to have a fantastic themed break at Alton Towers Resort for a LOT less in the ‘closed season’.

Most UK Theme Parks close between November to March for maintenance and to allow new rides and lands be developed without the public being in the way.  The fact that Alton Towers is closed mean that the Hotels attached to it are much quieter and means it’s a perfect time to find some Alton Towers Resort Hotel Bargains!

With Alton Towers closed, you might think that a stay there would be pretty dull, but it’s not at all! There is usually plenty going on to keep you and the family entertained. This post will look at some of the bargains to be had, and what sort of entertainment is available when the rides are closed. The BEST deals are usually midweek – so fabulous if you’ve got pre-schoolers. For those with older kids, weekends are more expensive in these periods, but still considerably cheaper than you’d pay in peak seasons.

Alton Towers Hotel
Alton Towers Hotel

Alton Towers Resort has TWO hotels to choose from, the traditionally themed ‘Alton Towers Hotel’ or the Caribbean themed ‘Splash Landings Hotel’. Both are fantastic hotels with mid to high end finish, the standard rooms in the Alton Towers Hotel are a smidge bigger than those in Splash Landings. This is probably reflected in the cost, as Splash Landings is a bit cheaper. Both hotels are joined together with a walkway, so guests can enjoy the facilities of either without venturing outside.

A Standard Room in Alton Towers Hotel.
A Standard Room in Alton Towers Hotel.

The Hotels have a range of Premium ‘Themed’ Rooms which are considerably more expensive than the standard rooms – the standard rooms still capture the theme of each hotel beautifully though.

The 'Flying' Ship in the Alton Towers Hotel
The ‘Flying’ Ship in the Alton Towers Hotel

Alton Towers Resort has plenty to keep you busy during closed season. For food and drink there are two restaurants (although occasionally if it’s REALLY quiet only one will be open) – the superb ‘Secret Garden Restaurant’ in Alton Towers Hotel, and the ‘Flambo’s Exotic Feast’ buffet in Splash Landings. For drinks you have the stylish ‘Dragon’s Bar’ in Alton Towers Hotel, and the vibrant ‘Ma’ Garritas Bar’ in Splash Landings. You’ll usually find evening entertainment in both, although it can be staggered between the two if the hotels are quiet. From experience, the entertainment in Splash Landings is aimed at younger families – although look at timings when you check in.

Alton Towers Resort Hotel Bargains - Flambo's Exotic Feast in Splash Landings Hotel
Flambo’s Exotic Feast in Splash Landings Hotel

The biggest ‘out of season’ draw to Alton Towers Resort, especially for families is the Alton Towers Waterpark (formally known as Carriba Creek and Splash Landings). This is usually open all year round (although it can have two weeks closure for maintenance early in the year – check when booking!), and offers a sub-tropical themed water park for everyone to enjoy. Even those who don’t like getting wet can lounge about the pool. For those who like a splash, there are plenty of things to do, flumes, a lazy river, outside pools, and so much more – there’s even a cute little pool for babies and toddlers to enjoy. Some of the breaks include Waterpark tickets too, so it offers brilliant value.

Alton Towers Resort Hotel Bargains -Alton Towers Waterpark
Alton Towers Waterpark

If you’re lucky enough to be staying without the kids, or you’re having a bit of ‘Me’ time while someone else is looking after them, the Alton Towers Spa is a MUST. Again, generally this is open all the time, but check when booking as it can be closed for maintenance, the Alton Towers Spa is great for a relax! As well as offering treatments, you can just book a session to use the various thermal rooms, sauna and pool. The Spa is separate to the Waterpark and the epitome of relaxation for grown ups. I can’t recommend it enough!

If the weather is clement enough, there are some outdoor pursuits to enjoy at Alton Towers Resort – namely the Extraordinary Golf and the Tree Top Quest. I’ve written a full review of the Tree Top Quest here, it’s masses of fun, especially for older families and a good way to blow off the ol’ cobwebs.

The High Ropes live up to the name!
The High Ropes live up to the name!

The Extraordinary Golf is excellent fun for most ages, doing it out of season might be bracing if the weather is cold, but the lack of footfall means you’ll often have the course to yourself. Fantastic if you’re a young family who want to take their time, and fun if you’re young couple wanting to have giggle as you go!

Extraordinary Golf at Alton Towers Resort
Extraordinary Golf at Alton Towers Resort

Pricing and availability for stays at Alton Towers Resort can vary vastly over the next few months – A family of 4 can have a midweek Bed and Breakfast stay with Waterpark tickets for £87 in February. Try in July, you’re looking at £240 for Bed and Breakfast with no Waterpark tickets! If you wanted to push the boat out a Premium Moon Voyager Room is £137 in February, compared to £290 in July. If there’s just two of you, the costs decrease further. Have a little look at the ‘Short Breaks‘ page on the Alton Towers site and hopefully you’ll find some Alton Towers Resort Hotel Bargains!

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  1. Louise @ Birds and Lilies says:

    This is such a helpful post! I’ve never even thought of looking at a hotel at a theme park because I just presumed they were always expensive – but £87 is really good! That waterpark looks really good, and I’d love to do the Tree Top Quest! Great post x

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