Okay, perhaps not my usual post title, but I figure a lot of my audience is female, and some of you might have a set of GHD’s – or even some dying or broken GHD’s, so this post might be of help – and it’s nice to write about good customer service occasionally! 🙂

So, not so long ago Miss A’s long serving GHD Hair Straighteners died a death – it wasn’t really much of an issue because the nice folks at Braun had sent some whizzy ‘Braun Sensocare ST780 Straightener‘ for her to try. Those, whilst very good, had a bit of a tendency to switch off by themselves mid-straighten – which when you’re rushing around in the morning is the last thing you need. It was time to look at doing something with the broken GHD’s – either getting them repaired or buying a new set.

Looking online, there are plenty of places that can offer guidance in fixing GHD’s, they are ‘relatively’ simple beasts, and can generally be repaired by someone with a bit of electronics know-how – in fact pretty much every model aside from the Mk6 Eclipse and Mk7 Platinum models can be repaired. Looking at the prices of parts, and a few handy troubleshooting guides, the fact that the straighteners were completely dead, they could have a variety of faults. Spare parts are readily available, and easy to buy, and I was considering stocking up on an armful of parts to get them fixed.

The thing was, I stumbled a company called ‘GHD Repair‘ who could fix pretty much every model of GHD going, and have them repaired for a fixed fee of £25.94. The cost of replacement parts and the hassle of attempting to repair it was outweighed by a £25.94 fee.  They are also ‘PAT’ tested after the repair to make sure everything is safe and working as it should be (being electrocuted isn’t the best of looks!).

I did a bit of research into the company before packing the irons off, and the feedback and reviews from customers is excellent and VERY positive – they seem to be the place to go with broken GHD’s. It costs about £4 to send GHD’s via First Class, and about £8 to send them Special Delivery – when I sent Miss A’s they were fixed on the day they were received and I got an email confirming all the work done on them –

– R8 and/or R11 replaced on the PCB
– Thermistor replaced
– Thermal fuse replaced
– New cable fitted
– Cable socket greased
– Warranty seal applied
– PAT tested

They also test the temperature of them – hers are now a toasty 186°C – which is about spot on!

GHD Repair offer a 3 month warranty on their work too – which is very reassuring. It’s nice to think that such an expensive product that have served Miss A well, will continue to do so for a while longer. It’s also good that we’ve been able to have them repaired, rather than just throwing them into landfill.

So, if you have some broken GHD’s – give these guys a go, and let me know how you get on!

2 thoughts on “Broken GHD’s ? I know a man who can help..

  1. Rachael says:

    My GHDs are only two years old, but the fear of them breaking and not being able to replace them is very real. Will definitely bear these guys in mind when the time comes. Thanks for sharing!

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