Now we’re into September, it can only mean one thing – BACK TO SCHOOL.

As G bobs along into Year 9, her little brother is just starting at Infant School. I’ve seen so many parents of 4 year olds wanging on about how sad it is they are ‘so grown up’. Other’s excited that their ‘brat’ will soon be out of the way and the responsibility of a teacher. I’m not sad that he’s grown up, or pleased to be rid of him. I’m delighted he’s starting school – he really needs it.

The past six months or so, probably even longer, J has just become a sponge for knowledge. His mind so inquisitive – constantly demanding new information. At nursery they covered different topics each week. I’d see him at the weekend and he’d just regurgitate everything he’d learnt at me. He had just absorbed all this information, and could recall it.

Even now he’ll just pipe up with stuff like –

“Boy bees are called drones”

Over the holidays, his quest for knowledge has continued – we took a trip to Kidzania and he LOVED that. There was so much to learn and stimulate him. He’s been telling anyone who’ll listen that he was a fireman, and ‘recycle man’. He took in everything the staff told him, listened carefully and has retained the information.

Primary school will be exactly what he needs, at precisely the right time. We’ve spent the summer making sure he’s ready to be more independent – getting dressed, shoes on the right feet and binning the tiny cutlery. Aside from the occasional moans – he’s cracked it!

I’m not going to lie – I *know* there will be a few tears rolling down my face on the first day.

It’s not because he’s ‘growing up so fast’ or ‘too little for school’ it’s because I know that realistically that’ll be the last time a child of mine starting school. I couldn’t wish for two better children – I’m very proud of them both. If you’re scared or upset about it all, don’t let your smalls see – let them run off and enjoy the world that’s opening up to them.

Don’t be sad your kids are growing up, enjoy the fact they are. Let them grow, let them learn and watch them become even more awesome.

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